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  1. Road Tales Podcast
  2. Truck Hijacking 101
  3. Learning to back-up
  4. Strange Person In Mens Room at A Chain Truck Stop In Middlesboro, KY
  5. My week before Christmas
  6. lapar pa piolt.
  7. Five thousand miles and we haven't killed each other or contracted cholera. Success.
  8. Do you have an "Idiot 4-Wheeler" story?
  9. Motorist Assist
  10. Wonder what happened??
  11. Almost messed up...
  12. What an unproductive day!
  13. Where's a cop when you need one?
  14. Hell Week
  15. Did you hear the one about the . .
  16. I-80 Truckers Fight
  17. Strange things in the road
  18. Getting hauled across the scales...
  19. Almost went up in flames
  20. How many 3rd grades fit on the deck of a moving van?
  21. Flying J
  22. I thought i would never brake down here!!
  23. best comeback of the day
  24. You ain't gonna believe this
  25. J.B. Hunt Driver
  26. Where's that story about the driver and the moose?
  27. scalehouse shenenigans
  28. help a fellow driver today
  29. got wateR?
  30. C.B. "line of the day"
  31. Blowing by the scales
  32. Strangest Load Hauled
  33. Searching for Haunted Highway stories!
  34. Epps in trouble
  35. Swift takes on the Military
  36. 4x4 pulls Big Truck
  37. driving in strange place
  38. WOW a Wood Bridge
  39. Full Service Treatment @ Muskogee Pilot.
  40. No way! Nobody is that stupid?
  41. Prayers answered
  42. Truck novels
  43. Made Dot boy blush !
  44. Up against the wall, rapist!
  45. Funnier as it gets Older!
  46. Scariest Night of My Life
  47. My best day to get even with my dispatcher!!
  48. Customers That Showed Appreciation
  49. Going around an accident...
  50. I just saw Osama Bin Ladin and he's driving a Canadian truck
  51. Sitting pretty
  52. The Day I Ran the Tehachapi Scales
  53. Big City Scare
  54. Unknown Hitchhiker
  55. Rookie Backing or Dog in the Mirror
  56. Weirdest thing you ever found in a tire?
  57. THE CAT DID IT...
  58. Sinks in a PortaJohn
  60. Getting even
  62. California scale
  63. Nature has a way of getting rid of the stupid
  64. Truck Break-in
  65. My Exclusive Driver Training!
  66. Funny Scale Story
  67. I embarrassed my dog
  68. A Newbies First week.
  69. One of those where is this town at?
  70. Worse jam you've ever been in?
  71. No wonder the cops were so thick
  72. Fellow driver with frozen sliding tandems.
  73. Dunsmuir Grade Scale (California)
  74. Hauling overloaded whatever happened to those days?
  75. Bad Week
  76. story time
  77. DOT Inspection
  78. What is the highest speed you've got your rig up to?
  79. squealing tires
  80. CDL Examiner "burned"
  81. Scale house blues, in LA.
  82. Permission to Publish your Stories in a National Magazine?
  83. driver with blood alcohol limit .7
  84. P.O' d DOT officer
  86. trucking annonyms
  87. Way too Fast For Me!!!
  88. Amusing factual stories - real life experiences in trucking