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Default Amusing factual stories - real life experiences in trucking

(As a public service and due to many requests, I have stickied this post. The original poster was Harpo, a login ID from the old board. I had to change the user name to Guest to make it a sticky, though. -- TF)


Do you have a humorous, strange or witty true experience
related to trucking, or the trucking industry?? Share it with
us....we can always use a smile or good laugh.....

I'll throw in the first one.....A few years back ....won't say
exactly how many, I was sitting in Oak Grove, Mo...
contemplating the best way around the infamous "Odessa"
scales, since I was slightly over gross....about 2800 lbs (more
or less)....I got to talking to an older hand....and was asking
him the best way around "Odessa"...."Well," he said, "If you'll
pay for this coffee" and follow me right to the scale, I will
guarantee you safe passage across the scale.." I asked him
what he'd been 'smoking'.....because I didn't see how he
could possibly guarantee I'd get across "Odessa" without any
problems, being 2800 lbs over gross....

Well, being the 'game' ole nut that I am - I said, "you got a
deal".....(note: this was back in the days when you could
take a driver at his word).....I paid for his coffee - followed
him out to the parking lot....he told me to watch for him...he
would be driving a 'belly-dump' - white Corn-binder..... In
about five minutes, he pulled in front and motioned 'lets go' -
I fell in behind him and followed him right to the scales, and
wondering all the time - am I really stupid, or what? Anyway,
he pulled on the "Odessa" scales and proceeded to 'kill' the
engine....I found out later he had a 'kill' switch on the dash
and as long as it was flipped, the engine wouldn't start. Well,
after about 5 minutes, the scale master came out, talked with
him, went back inside....another 5 minutes, scale-master came
back out and started motioning the rest of us to 'go around'
the 'belly-dump' stalled on the scale......So there I went -
right through "Odessa", 2800 lbs over gross...and they never
knew it....

Went down to Concordia, waited for my new-found driver
friend, and about 15 minutes later he pulled in...we went in
and I treated him to lunch....during the course of which I
was told about the 'kill switch', and how they can't do any-
thing except 'chew' him out for stalling on a scale....He told
me it came in handy over the years....for friends of his running
together.....A cup of coffee and lunch well spent......

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Old 07-27-2002, 09:29 PM
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It couldn't have been that long ago

Now it's my turn. Yes this is an excerpt from the book!

I once had a co-driver named Ed and we were forced together by the boss to take a load to California. We used a cabover Freightliner. We hadn't gotten through Pennsylvania when Ed decided to try my patience. He was driving for about 2 hours, when he decided to park at some rest area and nose the truck near a drop off. He jacked the cab up and yelled "We're going over!!!!" I woke with a start and rolled out of the sleeper into the windshield! Needless to say I was not happy.

I didn't say anything to him about it, but was he in for a big surprise. Somewhere west of Oklahoma City it was raining a ton so I pulled off on to the shoulder, got out and tossed a smoke bomb into the cab and yelled "Oh sh1t the cab is on fire!" Ed jumped out of the sleeper and dove out the passenger door and right into a huge mud puddle.
A highway patrolman had stopped and asked what had happened and I said my co-driver had Swine flu and one of the symptoms is a craving for mud puddles!

After that we got along fine!!


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Old 07-29-2002, 07:17 PM
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Not too sure about skunk p*ss, but I know something that comes close.

Sit back and let me tell you about the most awful smelling load a tanker yanker can pull.

Dateline 1995, picked up a load of Ethyl Acyrlate from GATX in Carteret NJ. This sh*t smells awful, you can be driving down the highway at warp 2 and with a strong headwind and still smell it inside the cab with the windows rolled up! This chemical is used for tear gas and certain types of glue.

Fast forward: Somewhere in Virginia I was getting sleepy so I pulled into a rest area, only to find it full with trucks and motorhomes well I finally wiggled into a spot between two motorhomes and drifted off to sleep.
About three or four hours later there was a banging on the door. I came out of the sleeper and saw a highway patrol person with a gas mask on. I rolled down the window and asked what was wrong. All he said was "Get this f**kin truck out of here!!"
While he was venting, I looked around the rest area I noticed it was empty. I turned back to the officer and said "Wow, I cleared the whole place out, cool!!!!!"
He was not amused! I left forth with!

A skunk smells better than this crap.
Everytime I had a load and I stopped at a truck stop I had to park way out in the back 40. If I didn't like the service at the stop, before I left I'd make sure to stop at the restaurant entrance and rock the wagon a little.

I kept a small jar of this chemical and if someone pissed me off, I'd take a small dose and drop it on the car seat.
It worked great on a hot day!

Next episode: Xylene and the fun things it can be used for!!
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Saw on the news last night,

A truck was hauling pizza dough and the heat caused the dough to start rising. It was coming out of the back of the truck while he was driving down the road. I would have hated to have been following him too close
CAD'S Better Half!!!!!
Emphasis on "Better"!
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Had a driver have an accident which messed up the cab pretty good, luckily he wasn't hurt and unbeknown to anybody put a hole in the top of the trailer. They pulled the trailer which still had the load on it to the yard and let it sit until the next day when the shag driver showed up ot pick up the trailer. When he arrived the trailer was on the ground and had collapsed around the wheels.

It seems that it had started to rain the afternoon before and continue to rain through the night and into the next morning. Total rain fall was around 5 inches. This was a several years ago. The rain had gotten into the load and the weight had caused the trailer to collapse.

Oh by the way, the load that was on the trailer.......

I am gonna get shot for this....front deflector shields on full power.....

Seems the driver had a load of tampons on board....

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Old 08-02-2002, 03:11 PM
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Extra absorbent??

Not bad....Let's see
Back in the last century, my brother and I ran as a team for a chemical tank line. We were on a secret mission going to Tampico, Mexico to pick up a load of DiMethylTerphthalate, or DMT for short.
On a sunny Thursday I pulled into the Port of Entry in Louisiana and was in my usual evil mood so I bounced the wagon across the scale and proceeded back on to the highway!
15 minutes or so later I kept hearing someone calling me on the CB "*******(name withheld) what you got in the tank?"
A brief description is in order, the DMT wagons are specially built to haul the chemical has two vent pipes running up the back of the wagon, has one dome towards the rear and is triple insulated.
Well, I kept telling the mystery voice it was none of his d*mn business. This went on for quite a few miles. Finally I got really agitated with the guy and I told him it was a load of beer. It seemed to quiet the guy down until I hit a real large bump in the interstate. The voice comes back on the radio and says what kind of beer. I said calmly, light beer.
That was the final straw. A whole lot of expletives exploded from the speaker and in the final sentance "Pull over when it's safe and have your logbook and paperwork ready!!!!!!!"
I then looked in the mirror and saw one of the scale cops behind me. I turned to my brother and said "I guess I upset his day!"
The officer gave me a semi-severe talking to and he did climb up on the wagon to see what was really in it!

I didn't get a ticket and as the officer was leaving he went to say something else to me and I asked if he was disappointed that there was no beer in the wagon! He stared at me for the longest time, then he smiled and said "get the h3ll out of here!"

Here's a short ditty. If anyone is running team pulling tank wagons and the partner won't wake up at their designated time to drive, pull into a safe area and make sure you tap the brakes enough to get the load moving when the load hits the front of the tank the partner will be out of the sleeper and ready to........
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Old 08-06-2002, 09:41 AM
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omg!!i was getting teary eyed from laughing my ass off readin all this here!!somebody hasta to get a book together for such stories like what ive read here!!
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Old 08-06-2002, 08:36 PM
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A book is already in the works...

This dates way back into the last century!!!

On a stormy summer night I was waiting on a load at the Chemical Leaman terminal in Matawan NJ(Aka Nappi Trucking)

I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard what sounded like a war chant. I came out of the sleeper and saw one of the guys from the tank wash dancing on top of a tank wagon. I rolled down the window and heard him chant "I hope lightening comes down and hit *******(name long forgotten) in the ass. No sooner than he finished the sentance a bolt of lightening hit the back of the wagon blowing out all the tyres. The guy jumped off the tank and I would swear he hit the ground at least 30 feet away.

The other tank wash employees and I got into the company pickup and we chased after him. We finally caught up to him in the town, which was about 5 miles from the terminal!
His only comment was "I'll never do another war dance again!!"
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Old 10-14-2002, 03:10 PM
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I think it's about time this thread was resurrected..

Now that my other brother Zeppo has some miles under his ass, I just bet he has a tale or two to tell!!!

This also applies to all the members and visitors to this forum, come on there has to be more than two drivers amongst the membership who has a funny or factual or science fiction tale to tell....It should deal with life on the highway or close to it

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Old 10-15-2002, 12:20 AM
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Well, I guess I'll be the one to start this.

This is not so funny, but it is true.

This dates back to 1977, my boss had purchased a 77 Kenworth W-900 and it was given to me, it was my first large car. The tractor was painted exactly like the KW in the first "Smokey and the Bandit" film. Needless to say it was the talk of the highway, especially around Georgia!

About 5 months later I was running he11 bent for election west bound on I 20. The speedometer was showing the truck was doing about 75 or so, when the right steer tyre let go. I fought to keep the truck under control, but started to panic when I saw I was heading for a bridge abutment. I thought for sure I had bought it, I kept imagining the headlines in the newspaper with a photgraph of this KW smashed like an aluminum can against the bridge.

I did get the truck stopped about 5 feet from the overpass. I sat in the seat shaking. Then a voice made me jump, a Georgia highway patrol officer was standing by the drivers side. He asked me if I was OK. I told him I was. He then told me he was planning on pulling me over and giving me a ticket for speeding, but when the tyre blew, he didn't have the heart to. He stayed with me until the wrecker got there. Before the patrol officer left, he turned to me and asked "You going to slow down now?" I told him YES!!

That is one experience I don't want to ever go through again!
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