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How to Survive the Holidays as a Truck Driver

  The holidays can be inescapable. At every grocery story, every convenience store, and even gas stations, you can listen to all the Christmas j Read More »

The Trucker Conundrum: How a Lack of Drivers is Costing Americans Money

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but if any segment of workers deserves special thanks, it’s truck drivers. Whenever you buy groceries, electronics, Read More »

5 Essential Winter Tips for Truck Drivers

Winter is coming? Winter is here. And for truck drivers, who cross the vast United States, that means the chance of severe snowstorms and perilous dr Read More »

WARNING! Another Recession Might Be Coming, and a Truck Driving License is the Best Insurance

For some, it came as a surprise when General Motors announced that they were laying off nearly 15,000 factory workers. For others, the mass layoffs a Read More »

5 Great Holiday Gifts for Truck Drivers

This holiday season, truck drivers will deliver thousands of tons of presents or presents-to-be across the country. These presents will be delivered Read More »

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