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New Lawsuit Highlights Risk of Sleep Apnea for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers may only drive if it’s legally safe to do so. This is the purpose of getting your medical certificate. But what if a truck driver Read More »

2021 is the Year to Make Big Money as a Truck Driver

When the coronavirus first struck America, truck drivers were the essential workers that made sure food and toilet paper remained in stock at the Read More »

Trooper-in-a-Truck Spotlights Dangers to Truck Drivers

This past July 14th, the Indiana State Police put their police in a spot where they are not used to being – inside a truck. As part of the Comm Read More »

6 Truck Driver Tips to Survive a Heatwave

Summer is in full force, and a major heatwave has already struck the northwestern part of the country. With historic highs in temperature, the he Read More »

New Rules for Local Roads for Truck Drivers?

Truck drivers are used to route planning and finding which roads they can travel when making a haul. Low bridges, road closures, and more can pre Read More »

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