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PGT Trucking Recognizes 200 Drivers at Annual Million Mile and Safe Driver Awards Celebration

Aliquippa, PA, May 22, 2019 – PGT Trucking, Inc., a leader in the transportation industry, recognized 56 Million Mile Drivers and 144 Safe Read More »

Always Inspect Loads and Refuse Unsafe Freight

When you’re driving an 80,000-pound rig across the United States, you always assume a certain amount of risk. Weather or crazy four-wheelers ca Read More »

Be Careful What You’re Hauling

At Class A Drivers, we always stress that truck drivers are always at the forefront of safety. Of course, everyone knows that skilled and cautiou Read More »

Amazon Wants to Own and Operate More of the Trucking Industry

Amazon is practically synonymous with ecommerce. Thanks to them, millions of products are shipped around the world every day. And of course, truc Read More »

Truck Drivers Are the Real Heroes – And They Can Stop Human Trafficking

With the super-popular Avengers Endgame making a billion dollars this past weekend, maybe we should take notice of the real superheroes among us Read More »

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