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Trucker Shortage Drives Companies to Offer Tenure

Truck drivers spend a lot of time thinking about… time. From Hours of Service to detention time, drivers are always watching the clock. Even ti Read More »

After the Polar Vortex: Truck Drivers Need to Stay Warm

The recent Polar Vortex phenomenon was a chilling reminder of the power of weather. And many are wondering whether this type of event is likely t Read More »

Do You Support a One-Day Truckers’ Strike?

There might be another shutdown coming soon, but we’re not talking about the government. This time, truck drivers across the nation will shut o Read More »

Truck Drivers Win Big at the Supreme Court

Truck driving is a challenging job, and any hour worked is an hour that should be paid. Fortunately, in a recent ruling,the Supreme Court has rei Read More »

Will Apps Revolutionize the Owner-Operator Trucking Business?

After getting familiar with life on the road for a few years, many truckers opt to go into business for themselves. Upon buying their own truck, Read More »

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