Get Your Commercial Driver’s License Quick – But No Cheating!


Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

As American shifts more and more to an economy focused on digital and service-based industries, the trucking business stands out as one of the last bastions of an honest blue-collar job. Driving a truck pays well, of course, but the pay might not even be the most attractive part of the career.

For people looking to earn a living, the best part of becoming a truck driver might be the fact that aspiring drivers can receive their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in only 4-8 weeks. Paid company training, truck driver school, or even community colleges offer CDL courses that help drivers pass the required tests.

The CDL test breaks down into a road test, a written test, and a pre-trip inspection test. Other than passing required medical and vision exams, that’s all it takes to get a license and start driving.

The fact that truck driving doesn’t need a four-year degree for Americans to earn a decent living is an advantage for people looking to enter this industry. Aspiring drivers can simply get their CDL and immediately start looking for gainful employment by creating a profile on Class A Drivers and applying for jobs.

But don’t take any shortcuts!

The owner of one Illinois trucking company is facing federal charges for allegedly helping CDL applicants to cheat on their exams. Prosecutors claim that Mykola Datkun, owner of Maximum Service Inc., fed answers to the written test through headphones.

Datkun and others allegedly charged up to $500 for cheating, which occurred between 2019 and 2022. There is no word yet on drivers who may have potentially gotten their CDLs in this matter, but they may be identified and have to retake the test.

This isn’t the only case of CDL cheating either. In Boston, two state troopers were charged and dishonorably discharged after allegedly taking bribes in exchange for passing CDL scores.

While we love that trucking has such a quick way for drivers to get on the road, it’s important never to take a shortcut for your CDL.