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The Real MVP’s – How Truck Drivers Make the Super Bowl Happen

In the age of the Internet where everything seems to come so easy and almost instantaneously it’s pretty easy to forget how dependent we are on Read More »

T-Minus 2 Days to Feb 1st. Todd did it. [# 1k2-916j-jru5] And You?

There are only two days left to leave a public comment for the FMCSA to let them know what you think about the ELD mandate. We’ve created a defi Read More »

T-Minus 3 Days to Feb 1st! Ryan Did It. [# 1k2-914o-nqc2] And You?

Read More »

T-Minus 6 Days to Feb 1st. William Did It. [# 1k2-914q-s6ne] And You?

There are only 6 days left for you to leave your public comment on the ELD mandate. The FMCSA will be accepting comments until February 1st on a propo Read More »

Countdown to Feb 1st: We did it! Here’s OUR Public Comment [# 1k2-913z-3jeg]

The FMCSA is currently accepting public comments on a proposed exemption to the ELD mandate. This exemption suggested by the OOIDA (Owner-Operato Read More »

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