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Are We Getting Closer to Seeing More Women in Trucking?

Although many efforts have been made to increase the number of women in the trucking industry, the total number of women truck drivers hovers aro Read More »

5 Ways Trucking Companies Can Keep and Hire More Drivers

During the pandemic, many truck drivers were furloughed and lost their jobs. Now, the American economy is opening up again, and many trucking com Read More »

How One Bridge Shows the Need for Infrastructure

Despite careful route planning, the day of a truck driver is often at the whim of a variety of factors. Sometimes the shipper/receiver isn’t re Read More »

Will Increases in Truck Driver Pay Fill Demand?

With the economy reopening and ecommerce sales still booming, truck drivers are needed now more than ever. As we previously discussed, trucking c Read More »

US Senator Proposes Outrageous Truck-Only Tax

President Biden recently proposed an ambitious $2 trillion infrastructure plan to fix the nation’s roads and bridges and transition the country Read More »

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