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Nominate a Woman Trucker for WiT Award

Trucking is a challenging job, but drivers are paid well. On average, truckers are bringing in more than $70,000 a year. And that’s not includi Read More »

Got a Christmas Tree? Thank a Trucker

  It’s holiday season again here in the States. To honor this special time of the year, American citizens cut down large trees, such as Norway Read More »

Truck Drivers, Are You Aware of MSDs?

Truck driving is a risky job, and not only because of the crazy four-wheelers on the road. Prolonged periods of sitting, limited time to exercise, po Read More »

How to Survive the Holidays as a Truck Driver

  The holidays can be inescapable. At every grocery story, every convenience store, and even gas stations, you can listen to all the Christmas j Read More »

The Trucker Conundrum: How a Lack of Drivers is Costing Americans Money

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but if any segment of workers deserves special thanks, it’s truck drivers. Whenever you buy groceries, electronics, Read More »

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