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3 Essential Midterm Election Issues for Truck Drivers

The midterm elections are coming up on November 6th, and early voting has already begun. Truck drivers are proud to fly the flag of America, so it on Read More »

The Scariest Aspect of Being a Truck Driver

Truck drivers aren’t known for being scaredy cats. They’re known for big rigs and nerves of steel. But even rugged, experienced drivers get spook Read More »

Now is the Time for Veterans to Get Into Truck Driving

Class A Drivers has long advocated that truck driving jobs are a great fit for veterans. Veterans have the skills and personality traits that make fo Read More »

The Trucking Industry Needs to Be More Responsive to Detention

Not since high school has the word “detention” struck fear into the hearts of so many people. But unfortunately, detention is still a scary timeo Read More »

Is It a Better Time to Be an Owner-Operator or a Company Truck Driver?

When drivers first start out in trucking, we have always recommended they drive for a company. There are too many unknowns when beginning a new caree Read More »

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