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Top 3 Reasons that Right Now is a Time of Change for Trucking

  There’s no doubt that the trucking industry is still going through a state of change in 2018. Some owner-operators are reporting better rate Read More »

Should 18 Year Olds Be Allowed As Long-Haul Truckers?

  When it comes to ELDs and Hours of Service, many truck drivers feel that they are the pressure of too many regulations. But one specific rule Read More »

Truck Driving Is About to Be a Much Better Job (Probably)

  This Friday, September 14th, the Department of Transportation will be holding an event to help them decide whether or not to make truck drivin Read More »

Truck Driver Parking Is a Full-Blown Crisis

  Truck drivers should be mad as hell. The lack of legal and safe parking is costing them money and putting their lives at risk. And nothing is Read More »

Find a Truck Driving Job that Lasts – 3 Essential Demands for Your Potential Employer

  It’s no secret that trucking companies have a hard time holding onto drivers. Even though there’s a severe driver shortage and drivers are Read More »

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