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Yellowstone Incident Gives Reminder for Truck Driver Safety

Photo by Tevin Trinh on Unsplash Inclement weather, crazy four-wheelers, debris on the road, construction zones, and finding a good parking spot a Read More »

Holiday Charity: Check Out These Drivers!

Photo by Cierra Voelkl on Unsplash Truck drivers make a lot of sacrifices for their families and for the good of the US economy. People who sit be Read More »

Women in Trucking Industry Numbers Surge to 18%

The trucking industry has long complained about the so-called truck driver shortage. One way leading trucking companies sought to alleviate the labor Read More »

Will the FMCSA Require Unique ID for Trucks?

Trucking is already one of the most regulated industries in the country. But is another regulation on its way? An Overview of the Current Stat Read More »

Is This Company the Solution to Trucking’s Diesel Woes?

Image courtesy of Hylionn Diesel is one of the trucking industry’s biggest pain points, and truck drivers are feeling that pain at the pump. As Read More »

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