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New Research: Truck Drivers Must Take Better Care of Their Health

Truck driving is a great career. Trucking offers high levels of pay compared to other professions of similar education/training requirements, and Read More »

Are Huge Regulation Changes Coming for Truck Drivers?

For years, truck drivers have said they were over-regulated and unfairly kept on strict schedules that hurt the safety and quality of life of the Read More »

Summer Heat: Why Carbon Laws Matter to Truck Drivers

As we move into the summer season, we can expect an onslaught of news about record-breaking temperatures, vast heatwaves,and even people sufferin Read More »

This Truck Driving Championship Shows Your Moves

Today, we’re going to shine a headlight on a fun competition. Every year, the Motor Carriers of Montana holds their Truck Driving Championship Read More »

To Get to the Other Side: What Truck Drivers Should Do When Animals Cross the Road

It’s a situation that no truck driver wants to be in. The driver is making good time, obeying all the laws, and suddenly a flock of geese cross Read More »

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