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Why Truckers Are Protesting Cap-and-Trade

Oregon’s State Senate is debating a new bill designed to reduce the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. But if you listen to truck Read More »

Trucking Update: More Hauls to Canada and Mexico

After a contentious political debate over the impact of the NAFTA trade agreement, a new trade agreement has arrived. Some dub this agreement as Read More »

Pennsylvania Tolls Here to Stay

Tolls are a heavy burden for truckers. In addition to paying more than everyone else at the booth, truck drivers have to waste precious time sitt Read More »

Do Recent New Jersey Laws Threaten Owner-Operators?

Being an independent contractor has its perks.Self-employed individuals have the privilege of being their own boss,working when they want, for as Read More »

Be Prepared: Strong Winds Are On The Rise

For commercial truck drivers, high winds are a nightmare to deal with. These violent bursts of air can catch truckers off-guard at anytime and ma Read More »

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