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Organized Crime Ring Targets Trucking in South Florida

Truck drivers in South Florida beware. A recent crime spree in the Sunshine State suggests an organized crime ring is targeting truck drivers and Read More »

New Verdict May Change How Trucker Drivers Are Paid

When a worker completes tasks for their employer, they expect compensation. Unfortunately, the definition of what is considered to be “work” Read More »

Should CDL Extensions Go National?

Without a CDL, truck drivers can’t haul freight. That’s why we always recommend you get your CDL license renewed as soon as you need. Unfortu Read More »

Emergency HOS Suspension Extended to August

For most truck drivers, the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations are a hassle to deal with and can reduce the amount of miles on the road. That’s Read More »

US Government Buys Stake in Trucking Company

When was the last time you worked for a US government-owned trucking company? If you don’t remember ever being employed by the government, Read More »

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