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Tolls Are Bad for Truck Drivers, But They May Be Here to Stay

A single toll can cost your average driver a few dollars, but for truckers tolls are a much bigger problem. For truck drivers that get paid by th Read More »

Truck Drivers At Risk – All About Sleep Apnea

A recent article by The Columbian reignited the discussion about sleep apnea and truck drivers. Since this is  such an important issue for t Read More »

$50 Million for New Fuel Research

To truck drivers who must constantly stop to refill their tanks, what we’re about to say is no surprise – Fuel is expensive. As a result o Read More »

Career Talk: Should you be an Owner-Operator or Company Driver?

Truck drivers get the opportunity to tour all of America, which provides amazing sights and landmarks. But if you want to work hard and bring in Read More »

Which States Need Infrastructure Repair the Most?

News Alert! Trump and Democrats actually agreed on something! And it involves our roads. Fortunately, everyone agrees our infrastructure need Read More »

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