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Will Apps Revolutionize the Owner-Operator Trucking Business?

After getting familiar with life on the road for a few years, many truckers opt to go into business for themselves. Upon buying their own truck, Read More »

Government Shutdown Will Start to Hurt Truck Drivers

After declaring“I am proud to shut down the government”, President Donald Trump followedthrough on his boast on December 22nd 2018. And the g Read More »

Trucking Companies to Receive Tesla Semi-Trucks in 2019

Semi-trucks are gas guzzlers. Average rig gets about 8 miles to the gallon. Burn fuel at that rate for 45,000 miles and you are looking at a $13, Read More »

Nominate a Woman Trucker for WiT Award

Trucking is a challenging job, but drivers are paid well. On average, truckers are bringing in more than $70,000 a year. And that’s not includi Read More »

Got a Christmas Tree? Thank a Trucker

  It’s holiday season again here in the States. To honor this special time of the year, American citizens cut down large trees, such as Norway Read More »

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