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Truck Drivers Should Be Paid For Resting and Meal Breaks

Over-the-road truck driving can be a great job. It’s constantly in demand, which provides a measure of job security, and truck drivers can even Read More »

Major California Law Update – How It Affects Truck Drivers

California law looms large over owner-operators. After Assembly Bill 5 was passed in California last September, many owner-operators, or OOs, were Read More »

Should Truck Drivers Run at Night?

What is the best part of driving at night? For truck drivers, the answer is simple: There is almost no one outside. At all. This means no tra Read More »

TransWood Carriers Acquires Kane Transport of Minnesota

Omaha, NE: TransWood, a privately-owned trucking company specializing in liquid and dry bulk transportation, announces the purchase of Kane Tran Read More »

What Happens Now That Celadon Filed Bankruptcy?

After 34 years of operation, the trucking company Celadon filed for bankruptcy last week catching most of their employees off guard. As a result, Read More »

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