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eTruck Plans to Transition Existing Trucks to Hybrid

There is an electricity in the air when discussing electric trucks in the trucking industry. These trucks will eventually save trucking companies Read More »

Will We See the Rise of Driver-Friendly Drop Zones in the Trucking Industry?

For truck drivers, time on the road is money in the pocket. Drivers aren’t paid hourly. They’re paid by the mile. Ask a long-haul truck dr Read More »

New Report: Electric Trucks Pay For Themselves in Less Than Four Years

Despite advances in fuel efficiency, the costs for diesel consumption is still a major line item for owner-operators and trucking companies. To e Read More »

How Does the DRIVE Safe Act Affect Young Truck Drivers?

On February 26th, 2019, the DRIVE Safe Act was introduced to the United States Senate. Last week, the bill was introduced in the House of Represe Read More »

Should Vaccines Be Given At Truck Stops?

Truck stops aren’t the first place you think of when you imagine a clean, sterile environment. Even food trucks have faced legal obstacles to g Read More »

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