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WIT Announces Most Influential Woman in Trucking

This year, Class A Drivers had the honor of giving a presentation at the Women In Trucking conference for 2019. We focused on how recruiters can Read More »

Are Mandatory Snow Chains On The Way?

Now that autumn is finally here, truck drivers are enjoying some cooler weather. But we should look ahead to the looming fact that winter is comi Read More »

California Law Endangers Owner-Operators

California wants truck drivers to be considered employees. And this is causing some trouble for truck drivers who are considered independent cont Read More »

New Study: Truckers Are Waiting Longer

Ever feel like your dwell time has increased over the past few years? Well, you are not just imagining it. On average,truckers are spending longe Read More »

Truckers Helped Citizens Prepare for Hurricane Dorian

On August 28th, meteorologists spotted an ominous tropical storm. Within four days, this frightful weather cell grew into a Category Five hurrica Read More »

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