Which Trucking Companies Are the Most Trustworthy?

By: ClassADrivers.com

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

For American companies looking to ship their goods, the trustworthiness of a trucking or logistics company is important. After all, no company wants to get scammed. For truck drivers, though, the ability to trust a trucking company is even more critical.

Truck drivers put their lives into the hands of trucking companies, which are responsible for the equipment and maintenance of the vehicles. Unfortunately, there are also many disreputable trucking companies out there. Some dishonest trucking companies try to lure drivers in with lease-to-own scams. Others have given us horror stories of drivers being abandoned after dropping off freight.

The good news for drivers looking for work is that the companies on ClassADrivers.com are vetted to maximize the chance that truck drivers can find an honest living.

But what are the most trustworthy large companies in the trucking and logistics space?

Every year, Newsweek makes a list of the most trustworthy companies, and that list is sorted by industry. This only includes companies with a revenue over $500 million.

For “Trucking, Logistics, and Packaging”, here are the top 10 companies:

1. UPS

2. Schneider

3. FedEx

4. Ball

5. Ascent Global Logistics


7. Atlas

8. Americold

9. Uline

10. Packaging Corporation of America

You can view the entire list here.

In addition to revenue over $500 million, Newsweek describes their methodology as using the following:

  • Independent survey of 25,000 US residents

  • 97,000 company evaluations by Statista, including customers and employees

  • Over 532,000 mentions on online media, rated as either positive, negative, or neutral

  • Companies with recent scandals or lawsuits related to trust were eliminated

There are many trucking companies out there, and this list only covers those with over $500 million revenues. So many great smaller trucking companies were not included. But if you want an overview of the entire sector, then Newsweek’s list is an interesting read.