One of Trucking’s Highest Paid Jobs Is Booming


Photo by Brianna Marble on Unsplash

When drivers think of specialized trucking (not dry van), they may think of endorsements like HAZMAT or trucks like flatbed. Despite the popular reality TV show, ice road trucking, though, is often not the first to come to mind. Available for skilled drivers only in certain regions, this type of trucking pays quite well, usually because of the risk involved.

While much of the United States is currently undergoing a freight slump, however, ice road trucking in Alaska is experiencing an unanticipated boom. Alaska’s trucking business is booming despite global economic downturns, mostly because to increased activity in the oil and gold mining sectors. Due to the increase in demand, truck traffic has significantly increased throughout the ice terrain of the state, offering new opportunities to truck drivers, trucking companies, and other businesses.

The growth of oil drilling activities in isolated regions of Alaska is one of the main causes of this boom. Companies who are searching for new oil sources mainly depend on ice road truckers to deliver supplies, workers, and equipment to these remote locations, which are frequently unreachable by other modes of transportation.

Trucks are essential for moving supplies and equipment to and from mining locations. In a similar vein, the revival of gold mining in Alaska has increased demand for transportation services.

For truck drivers in Alaska, the spike in demand for ice road trucking services has resulted in higher pay and more work options. Experienced drivers can earn up to $175,000 a year, which is commensurate with the vital role they play in bolstering Alaska’s resource extraction sectors.

But the increase in truck traffic has also made lawmakers and locals concerned, which has led to conversations about infrastructure improvements and ways to lessen the negative effects on the environment.

Notwithstanding these difficulties, the ice road trucking industry’s recent boom highlights how flexible and resilient Alaska’s transportation industry is to shifts in the state’s economy. Alaska’s ice road trucking business is expected to play a significant role in the state’s economy and sustain the state’s harsh and remote landscapes for as long as resource extraction operations generate a need for transportation services.