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Safer Roads for Truckers? New Technology Aims to Do Just That

Maneuvering a vehicle weighing 80,000 pounds through city streets and highways is challenging enough as it is, but with the added element of inattentive, and often-times dangerous, four-whe ... Read More »

Are You a Risk Taker?

By Ellen Voie Imagine you wake up at 3 am. to a fire alarm in your hotel room on the 15th floor. The announcement from the loudspeaker instructs everyone to exit the building immediately, wi ... Read More »

Now Hiring CDL Drivers for Scheduled Dedicated Runs - Shelbyville, TN

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There’s Plenty of Reasons Not To Wait Until After Christmas to Change Jobs Especially Here!

A common answer from a prospective driver on when they are planning on changing jobs this time of year is “After Christmas” or “After the New Year” with a common myth ... Read More »

A New Drug Test for Truck Drivers Could Be on Its Way

A petition submitted by the Trucking Alliance is seeking a change in standardized drug testing. The Trucking Alliance, which consists of several major carriers, has petitioned the Federal Mo ... Read More »

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