Truck Driver Taken Hostage and Carjacked


Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

Truck drivers are the modern heroes of America. They travel the country, cross-cross, back-and-forth, delivering the essential needs of the citizenry.

Trucking, though, is a dangerous job. Any job that requires long hours on the road puts drivers at a significantly higher risk of everything from car pile-ups to road drowsiness.

Truck stops are also a potential source of risk. In addition to the need for drivers to find available parking, there could always be criminals lurking around the corner.

One truck driver faced a nightmare scenario when he was carjacked and taken hostage in his own semi-truck in Ohio.

The story begins at 1 in the morning at a traffic stop. Two suspects were stopped by the police, but the suspects hit the pedal and sped off.

They drove to a truck stop in London, Ohio, where they were followed by the police. The suspects got out of the car and sprinted. An officer tried to use his taser, but they pulled out a gun.

That’s when they ran to a semi-truck and jacked it, with the driver still inside. As they drove off, the truck slammed into a cop car.

A police chase ensued, through multiple Ohio counties, and it finally concluded near the Dayton airport around 3:30 AM.

The police tried to negotiate with the suspects, bringing in members of the Special Response Team (SRT). Four hours later, members of that team approached the truck to try to get the driver out of harm’s way.

According to the police, the suspect shot at the team, and the team returned fire. The SRT hit both suspects, and the driver was rescued. The suspects were pronounced dead at the hospital.

Werner Enterprises, the trucking company that employs the driver, issued the following statement:

“A harrowing situation involving a Werner professional driver occurred this morning in west central Ohio. At this time, we know our driver is safe and out of respect for the privacy of our driver and his family, we will not release a name. The Werner driver sustained injuries, and we are focused on making sure he is receiving all the care and treatment he needs. Werner Enterprises thanks the state and local authorities who rescued our driver, and they have our full cooperation during this investigation.”