Team Tops “Elite” Fleet® Named as Outstanding Drivers


National Carriers, Inc.
Darci and Randy, 1 year

     “What is the best thing about team driving with my wife? Most folks only get to spend limited time
with their mate. We get to see each other 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We never run out of
things to talk about. We always have something to communicate about, always entertaining each
other,” stated National Carriers team driver Randy Shane Wickman.

National Carriers, Inc. named Randy and Darci Wickman as Drivers of the Month for July 2023. They
reside in Blackwell, Oklahoma on the I-35 interstate corridor. The Wickman team received a one-
thousand- dollar bonus and are now eligible to be named 2023 Driver of the Year. The NCI Driver of the
Year will receive an additional $10,000 bonus during a banquet held next year.

“Being together allows us to see the best and the worst of each other. There is no getting away so we
must talk through whatever is bothering us. Our family, back home, does not understand life on the
road, only those on the road do. We are not sightseeing. When we are driving, we are working” Darci

Having driven for six years, Randy applied at National Carriers when Darci joined the company through
the paid training program. After her training was complete, they began their teaming career. Darci has
found the lifestyle is exactly what she had hoped for, waking up to a different “porch view” every

Operations Manager, Teresa Henshaw shared her view of the Wickman’s, “Darci and Randy are a go to
team. They are always willing to go the extra mile to try to ensure on-time delivery. They are willing to
switch loads last minute, relay a load running behind, or move trailers around to ensure our customers
have trailers to load. They are an asset to National Carriers and are truly appreciated for all they do.”



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