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Old 10-16-2007, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by jedfxg
why is it for jack asses like yourself that when someone questions you, that you go straight to the insults? helmet shopping? never been otr? who are you? king to all truck drivers? well that is fine, at least i got my identity...and maybe your too, never know. and the reason for that is because i am not a dumb ass that would leave an important document like that in the cab of a truck. go ahead say some more mean stuff about me, try to hurt my feeling...if that is what makes you feel better. you ain't going to bother me the good buddy.

You started this thread right after I started my thread blowing off steam about my recent dealings with the...W....I replied in a civil manner to your thread , and all you could do was respond in a brow beating manner , So I presume your intent of the thread was to generate an argument , As every post you made to me or regarding me was rather insulting . Now everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion , but when you continualy express your opinions with a sharp tongue you must expect the same to eventually come your way , But it's obvious you are one of those that feel free to insult others , but can ...NOT...take the return fire ...I'm sorry you insulted me , and couldn't take the return fire , But please just go by a bottle of summers eve , and wash the sand out of your vagina , and maybe buy some midol for the cramps . :wink:
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