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Old 07-17-2008, 07:37 PM
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I'm going to be working for Roehl (OTR), and I'm assuming I'll pick up this info during orientation, but I'm curious how this all works and am feeling kind of clueless. I'm not sure what a cab can accommodate space-wise, but I saw some pictures of someone elses truck, and based on what I'm thinking I saw, I'd like to bring a laptop, small TV and microwave. Is that realistic? Maybe even a small crockpot. Can you actually put in a small refrigerator? If not, what are can be used as an alternative? And in terms of those inverters, what do you recommend I pick up in order to accommodate those appliances? The only appliances I envision using at the same time might be the laptop, crockpot/microwave or TV. Such as watching TV while I'm cooking something in the microwave or using my laptop, etc.

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Old 07-26-2008, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Phantom433a
My company only allows 300w inverters....too many braindeads burnt up trucks. Between my cellphone, laptop and speakers, I only use about 75w. Walmart has a small 2 qt crockpot that uses 100w and cost around $10. I use the 12v 5 cup coffeepot, lunchbox and pizza oven by Tracker as well. The coffeepot takes about 15 minutes to brew, but you can use that time for a post-trip. When cooking wth the oven or lunchbox, I usually give 30 minutes for cooktime.
My setup is similar Phantom433a, except I use the saucepan instead of the oven. I don't remember why I switched... But I love my little saucepan so much! I usually pick up Lipton pasta or Lipton rice that is already seasoned; I eat these at home, too. I toss Tyson chicken in with it; this chicken can be found in the bags on the canned meat isle. Also, I might buy a bunch of small cans of vegetables, i.e. English peas. I turn it into a meal when I'm not being lazy.
It is great for a single person on a truck, but I would probably have to do something else in order to fix dinner for a guest. Since it's work, I usually don't worry too much about having guests over for dinner 8)
I also have the 300 watt inverter. I let my laptop charge while I'm driving. I charge my earpiece and my cell phone overnight. When I'm ready to scan bills of lading, I unplug something and hook up my all-in-one printer (unfortunately, I have to buy another one since I recently broke the scanner :sad: ) My company is against inverters, too, so I don't go over the 300 watts. I wish I could hook an iron into it though.. or find one that will hook into a cigarette lighter...
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Old 02-07-2014, 04:06 AM
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First I would like say George Forman grills are garbage. they can't pan fry.
The coleman propane 2 burner grill. 2 thumbs up. That's my choice in warm weather. But you must never use them in truck.
I have seem the propane gurgle and spurt tall flames. So always, always out side with them.

Cool thread here. Hopefully I can help out.
Back in the day I worked in the repairshop and learned that you cook a lot of things in/on a pizza oven. the new guys use the spinning open air pizza cooker but I like the the silver square pizza oven. I could cook breakfast lunch and dinner in it. For eggs,bacon I would put some foil on the grate and that would work. Not ideal but it worked.
The shop manager didn't like my cooking skill until he got some of that bacon. then I turned into "Whats cookin!"

Nowdays I don't work in the shop and I drive.
I upgraded to more specialized gadgets. Less messy and Easier to clean.
2 PIC induction cook tops from on tv (Lower power version, not the big 2,000watt units. that's over kill)
3 Teflon 8inch pans ($8 each/thin disposable type)(I get a new set every year)
Medium toaster oven(Fits a full size frozen pizza)(Best gift I ever got as far as cooking)

For power you need to have a dedicated 5,000 watt inverter to run them all without over heating.
If you have a microwave(Not Me Any More) you might have to bump the watts up 500-1000.
Ill say again that's only if your running all of it together at once on HIGH.
Running only 2 one on medium and one on high, and the other is off, you can getaway with 2,500watt inverter.(That's what I have)

As far as wiring it in. Don't do it unless your are trained in that field. you could burn down the whole truck if installed wrong.
You must use the proper wire, in line fuse (Real Biggie), wire protection and routing(last thing you need is a wire hanging around the pedals).
It takes some experience to wire stuff in right. Just ask my old buick that went up in flames from poor wiring of a stock radio.
Cant stress enough. have it installed by a pro. Higher power means more safety precaution.

OK that's it before I get off topic.
I'll try find some links for what I have and come back and post em.
Maybe some simple but delicious cooking directions later too.
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Old 02-07-2014, 04:10 AM
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For those that can not use inverters ill see what I can dig up for dc items. they are making a lot headway in that tech field.
My first idea is JC Whitney. I remember they had almost everything imaginable in dc products. Cheep too!!
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Old 05-14-2020, 12:44 PM
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I always keep a few cooking-related things in my truck. Hand blend comes first because I usually take fresh fruits and make smoothies when I need it. Since the beginning, I was using a gas burner but using a gas burner was a little risky for me. That's why I recently purchased an induction hob and now thinking to purchase ceramic cookware from here with induction magneto base. I think induction hobs are easy to use and clean and yes, ceramic cookware are my all-time favourite because of their non-toxic coatings.

By the way, few of my friends also use grills or portable stoves to make heavy meals but I only prefer a light meal while travelling. Otherwise, the chances of my stomach upset enhance.
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Old 05-20-2020, 12:29 PM
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I am also currently managing a small cafe, which is in great demand, therefore, I believe that I can give you an answer to this question. I also have Pro Line and I think that only Cosori air fryer from Mark Miller is better than her. This deep fryer more than once helped me out and did everything to attract a huge number of customers, and I think that you can also order it yourself, because the thing is high-quality and inexpensive, and with it you can work wonders. I advise everyone to purchase, since people to visit your institution with her help
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