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Originally Posted by rjallen
Co-Pilot 11 may or may not be a fine program. I would not know. Brought a package from Diesel Boss including stand etc plus Co-Pilot. Just got a brand new HP Laptop running Vista 64.

Co-Pilot 11 WILL NOT WORK in 64 bit machines. ALK told me it will NOT be addressed in a future release. Perhaps in 12 when, if ever, it is releaseed. On the plus side, Diesel Boss took Co-Pilot 11 back and promptly credited my card

RJAllen :
Confirming what rjallen has stated:

We find that about 10% of users who are getting new laptops are getting Windws Vista 64-bit pre-installed on them. It is really not common that users even notice or know about the fact that the 32-bit and 64-bit versions exist. MANY programs are not yet up and running for the 64-bit Windows Vista so BE CAREFUL if you have a 64-bit machine when you are buying software out there.

ALK has told us that they will not be re-writing the Co-Pilot 11 version for 64-bit but instead will incorporate it into version 12, and we don't expect that out untill some time next year.
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