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Default Coffee makers

I bought a "Tracker" brand coffee maker and while it makes good coffee it doesn't get it very hot. Does anyone have a recommendation for a maker that makes good and hot coffee?
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What I used was a 12v submersible beverage heater and Folgers Singles.

Add water to a ceramic or metal mug, hat the water and the steep the coffee bag. Then I would dump it in my travel mug and off I would go.

When I was at a truck stop I would simply take my travel mug inside and fill it with hot water from the coffee maker and then make the coffee when I got back to the truck.

I never had much luck with 12v coffee makers, Between them not getting real hot, they seem to take forever to brew a pot.
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I use a 12v, 2 cup (thought it was a 5er) Tracker that I picked up at Petro. It fills my travel mug and takes about 15 minutes to brew, which is perfect for doing a Pre-trip.

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Thanks guys, I finally bought a Burton brand 4 cup maker and it works great. Although I don't know what 4 cups they're talking about. It just fills my travel mug.

It still takes about 30 minutes but it gets it hot.
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I just bought a Cuisinart 4-Cup,12-Volt Coffeemaker. I saw these down in Laredo some time back, about the time I started driving. I wanted to buy it, but because I was so new I couldn't talk myself into it. Besides, this was at a Pilot, so every Pilot will have them. That line of thinking was so wrong. I never could find them again, I look for them at every truckstop that I go into. I even emailed Cuisinart, they say they don't make a 12-Volt version. Well, I'm back in Laredo tonight and they have them again. I bought one and I will let you know how it works out for me. I sure does look like a Cuisinart, it even has the usual propaganda inside including a warranty. Now I have to stop by Starbucks to get some coffee.
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terry, walmart has a limited selection of starbuck's coffees.
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youse best source for product reviews, is on Yousetube.

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That's a very good recommendation for those who drink coffee. The drink becomes even more pleasant and tasty if you take it while solving a crossword puzzle. The main thing is to do it slowly, two small sips per minute, focusing on the crossword puzzle. Btw for those who often solve crosswords, if you come across a difficult question, you either just skip it or can get answers to crossword with the help of crosswordquizsolutions, so as not to spoil the atmosphere of the process. I recommend doing it either in the morning when it's not too hot outside.

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I bought one from ge appliances. It was inexpensive but works well. And I was surprised how helpful this ge appliances customer service turned out to be when I couldn't choose a proper model. Anyway, I'm happy with the purchase.

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Absolutely, I understand your concern about the temperature of your coffee from the "Tracker" brand coffee maker. Achieving the right level of heat can indeed affect the coffee's taste. If you're looking for recommendations, you might want to check out dronemobile reviews . They often provide insights into various products, including coffee makers, which might help you find one that delivers both good and hot coffee. It's important to find a coffee maker that suits your preferences, especially when it comes to the temperature of your brew.

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