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Old 05-31-2007, 02:12 AM
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And now, a little insight from the less glamorous side of trucking...

I have a 5 gallon bucket I use when I'm placarding one of our rental trailers with the adhesive placards. Sometimes I'll have up to 10 placards to put on each side, so the bucket helps to hold the placards and then the backing once I peel them.

Anyway, twice, and only twice since I've been driving (which isn't as long as some of the veterans on here) I've been in some, well, ummm... "intestinal distress" with no facilities available. So I did what I had to do- opened the vents, cranked up the fresh air A/C, lit up a cigarette, and popped a squat on the double-bagged 5-gallon bucket. And then drove with the windows open for a bit.

I also have a case of baby wipes as well- great to get grime off the hands and also for those rest area nights when a shower is not available. They also are great for, well, wiping your butt.

Do your business, tie off the inner bag, tie off the outer bag, and dispose of properly.

It aint glamorous, it aint pretty, but sometimes in the middle of nowhere you gotta do what you gotta do and I lost my affinity for those fresh-air bombs back in my boy-scout days.

Maybe one day if I own my own KW with the 86'" studio sleeper with the accompanying storage space I'll get a proper camper's porta-potty, but fo now the bucket has served me well enough.

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Old 06-01-2007, 02:06 AM
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Originally Posted by PhuzzyGnu
And now, a little insight from the less glamorous side of trucking...
While we're being less than glamorous... I used to drive a cabover, and not one of the modern flat floor varieties either.

You haven't been trucking until you've taken a crap into a Wal-Mart bag while squatting on your bunk with your head jammed against the ceiling.

I really think this should be reserved for emergency circumstances though. It stinks for hours. It's humiliating and degrading.

If you're so afraid for your own safety that you're planning to :dung: in your bedroom, then I wonder if you really want to go trucking.

I think it would be better to shit in a toilet like a normal, civilized human being, and carry a baseball bat on your way to the loo.
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Old 06-01-2007, 01:46 PM
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I think it would be better to $&!+ in a toilet like a normal, civilized human being, and carry a baseball bat on your way to the loo.
Amen to that! Baseball bat...check. :wink:

I suppose I should have posed my primary question in a 'what do you have in the case of a dire emergency' sort of way. I plan on using any facilities available of course, and hope that I don't find myself in a place where I have to poo in a baggy or bucket in my bunk. I'd probably just hold it anyway until I could get to a proper facility.

But there is always a "what if" factor to consider.

Thanks guys!
"When I eats a lots of cheese, I can't go do the poops, Gi-Gi." - My 3 year old niece, Madi, told me this over the phone. Now I stay away from cheese. ;o)

Everything I've learned, I've learned the hard way. I prefer it that way, the easy way just isn't any fun!
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Old 06-02-2007, 09:26 PM
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Glad I used the search function. Anyone ever bought/used one of these? Known someone who has and said something about it?

I knew one dude who swore by having a portajohn in the rig, but I didn't catch the brandname. He said he bought it from wallyworld for less than a franklin.

I also found some here:
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Old 06-25-2007, 03:26 PM
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I have a 5 gallon bucket strapped to the back, outer wall of my sleeper and I keep a toilete seat in the cab. Someplaces I deliver to arn't human friendly and in the middle, dark night....and ONLY if I can't wait, will I use the dreaded bucket.

When a white army battles Indians and wins, itis called a great victory, but if they lose itis called a massacre.Chiksika, Shawnee
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Old 06-27-2007, 12:36 PM
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I can't comment on other brands, but Thetford makes a good port-a-potty. They are very easy to dump, aren't messy and will fit in most trucks (not COE or daycabs :wink: ).

Most of the people I know with stock bunks have the Thetford 135 which you can usually find at Camping World or Cabellas for under $100. Flying J has a convenient dump site at most places; I usually just fuel at the pump closest to the door so I can run over and dump at the RV island without wasting time or tying up the pumps. FJ also carries the chemicals and camping tissue for them. Also, some states have dumps in the rest area that are easy to get to.

Thetford toilets come apart and you only have to carry the holding tank out of the truck not the whole toilet. Their tanks are built similar to small suitcases and have handles and pour spouts built into them.
$$$$ NOT miles
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Old 07-04-2007, 10:51 PM
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Old 07-18-2007, 05:53 AM
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Default road dump

small sturdy bathroom trashcan, walmart bag (outerbag) small white bathroom trash bags (innerbag) watertight use as needed tie store under new bag dispose as needed note you couldnt pay me enough to empty trash at a truckstop or rest area
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Old 09-11-2010, 05:30 PM
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Small sturdy trashcan, the old fashion approach, and a outer bag works for easy disposal. When we are on the road, we always look for a porta john, on the side of the road, although these usually require a rest stop obviously. A great way to deuce without getting out of the truck is make your own toilet, use a bucket-bag, and toilet seat, or walmart sells them for things like camping, they work great and are comfortable.
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