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Old 11-07-2006, 05:10 AM
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I just bought a Garmin Street Pilot 7200 with a GXM antenna, from

I'm a proud Werner driver, but unfortunately sometimes our directions from Werner are simply put: retarded.

A couple weeks ago I had a consignee near a Best Buy, so I took a short walk over to see what sort of GPS units they had - I ended up dropping $1150 on a Garmin "Nuvi" this little thing kicked butt! it had truck routing built in, touch screen display so it was easy to navagate on-the-fly - also I could find a truck stop, or somewhere to rest with a couple clicks on the Nuvi's screen... BUT: I found this other GPS that Garmin makes called the "7200" it gets XM radio, has a 7" screen, and it gets weather and traffic updates for where I'm at also. So I returned the Nuvi. The 7200 is a bit pricey at $1200 but I think it'll be well worth it - Garmin GPS units are much better than Streets and trips, or other GPS units you can plug into a laptop... just check 'em out you'll be glad you did.

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Originally Posted by apollo
Does anyone use the Garmin that has the XM traffic feature? Does it really work and re route you around traffic jams? Does it overall save you time and help avoid getting lost go to deliveries or pick ups?
I would like to know about this too, as this is the GPS I am thinking about buying, as bad as it's going to hurt for the model I want at around $900.00, plus the $300 to get the XM antennae. I happened to be at a drop yard and saw another Werner driver that had one and it really floored me. They spoke glowingly about it, and now that I'm about to go OTR again, this time with as a driver for an owner operator, I can't afford to make any mistakes, and no qualcomm... Not that qualcomm can give good directions anyway... so GPS and tripple checking my large print atlas are how it's gonna be.
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