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Originally Posted by Mr. Ford95 View Post
So did you jump onto Ashley?
No. I didn't. But, I almost did... and probably would if I were any of you. I was going for it, until their medical examiner created problems concerning my recent surgery. He requested more info from MY (surgeon) doctor, even though the regs don't require it. My doctor just flat out refused to comply with more info than what he put on my "work release."

I could fight it on one side or the other, but... the delay has given me time and reason to rethink my decision. I was "born" into trucking as a "teamster." lol. I can do over 5,000 miles around this beautiful country in 5 days... and be home for a two day weekend. ... or THREE if that is what I really want or need! I didn't see that kind of flexibility with Ashley.

NOT taking this job is perhaps, one of the hardest things I have ever done. There are many benefits, but... I don't think this company ranks among the TOP "private carriers" as to how they treat their drivers. Borderline benefits, and "common carrier" hours (and time off.)

It just comes down to the fact that I can make around $60k with Fedex... and have more flexibility. Ashley "strained" to promise the same money... but, with a bit more time on the road.

They DID just recently start a new division called "point to point." No deliveries to local stores. All drop and hook, no touch. SOME bump a dock... which they PAY for (along with the drop and hooks.) You can make over $60k if you aren't picky about hometime.

Good company. Good people. Nice equipment.

Just not the best move for me at the current time.
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