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Originally Posted by yoopr
Originally Posted by Kid Dynamite
that sux. That Vikings game wasn't a good game to watch..except for the end. Daaaaa Bears!
I forgot to mention that the Interception was run in for a touchdown. I think he tipped it to Manuel(sp)?
DUH Bears :P
Ol' Batman got in trouble with the law in Fayetteville, Arkansas late last winter when he and some buddies mouthed off to some of Fayetteville's finest. He got the cuffs slapped on him and nearly got tasered when he refused to submit to arrest. It happened on Dixon Street where all the U of A students hang out and tip a few. Seems like he likes to talk trash off the field as well as on! 8)
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Yeah, he was hangin out with Deddrick Poole (who recently transfered). The story never really came out that clear here. They said something about Batgirl and the bouncers getting into it. Me personally, I think some fans were jackin w/him. He burnt us about as bad as he gets burned, when he bolted on us right before our bowl game. He and about 5 others out of his class decided they were good enough for the NFL and should forgo their Senior year(s), left us high and dry right before the bowl game. Well, him and Shawn Andrews (Philly OT) were the only ones to go in the 1st round, the rest didn't pan out. But yes, apparently batgirl likes to tip em back when he comes back to the hill.
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