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Default Understanding Rates

What's a good rate for a regional driver with four years experience?

I saw the rate comparison and it's clearly listing the rate per mile for OTR.

Hubby just got an offer for 2 cents MORE than he currently makes.

BUT the weekly pay range quoted was signficantly LESS money than hubby currently makes.
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Old 01-06-2009, 02:20 AM
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I can be confusing to look at different pay rates. There are some who advertise a big rate per mile but you don't get the miles as you would at a lower rate. Sometimes you can earn more at the lower rate when pay day comes. Some have better insurance, pay detention, pay for load and unload, etc., Much of it is a trade off. When you break everything down there is probably not much difference in compensation between most carriers, at least for the first couple of years or so. Those with good work and driving histories can and do better but most drivers don't stay around long enough to have any sort of longevity.

When you look at a penny or two difference in pay there is something you should be aware when looking at the numbers. Most carriers have orientation for new drivers. It seems that 3-4 days is the norm with many of them. A driver will lose a week or two in compensation when he changes carriers. You lose almost a week for orientation and then it will be at least another week, or perhaps two, before he will have his first paycheck. If you calculate those numbers and see what you are earning in additional compensation you may not be gaining anything. In fact, you could lose money in the transition.

It is more important to work for a carrier with whom you can be comfortable than make an additional penny or two.
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