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Old 02-11-2007, 12:17 AM
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Default Strange Training

Started CDL Training this week.... prior to start got my own permit and DOT. They paid for the Drug Test. First day.... they want me to catch up with one other dude that started on Monday... I started on Wednesday. So, for the first day the recruiter and her boss told me to show up at 8 AM... so I did.... the trainer starts at 7 AM so I was late my first day... they are pretty laid back but I am used to making and keeping appointments in a timely manner....

Ok... so the trainer and his trainee... come back to the terminal and pick me up... trainer puts me in the drivers seat and goes through the layout of the dash, lights and general inside of the cab.... using a FL.... Century... big cab .... ten speed.

The trainer, trainee one and me set out for the open road.... which ends up being a couple of little used side roads... kind of perfect for training... but we are doing this because the local city asked them to leave the lot that was being used to train us... apparently there was no permission to use the lot but the city said they would rent it to us.....

Well, we get to the training area, pull over and don't do a thing for an hour and a half... I thinking that we should be doing something.... at least talking about trucking and some pertinent questions.... but women, cars, the collective colds of the trainer and his first trainee are the topics of discussion....

Long and short of it is in the last three days, including my coming in on Saturday on my own suggestion I have about two hours behind the wheel.... and the trainer is thinking about setting up the Skills Test for Monday after next. I am paying for this school.... $2500 and am feeling that there should be more time spent in the drivers seat...

Am I wrong.... we have gone through the log books, maps and forms... and my trainer does know his stuff and is a pretty nice guy... and I like the company... albeit a small privately owned firm with about 100 trucks...

I am going to stick this out even though it is somewhat unorthodox or al least unexpected as far as the training techniques and format.... It really seems to me that the best way to learn how to back up in an alley is to practice it.... with cones or whatever...

I will keep you posted on the progress... they tell me I should be spending about two weeks with an otr trainer after I pass the Skills Test and then I am on my own.... seems a bit quick to me.... wish me luck.
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Old 02-11-2007, 12:32 AM
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Default Re: Strange Training

Are you training for your CDL or are going through the company's training? If you are training for your CDL I'd say get the hell out of there and fast.
Schneider National driver on Wal-Mart dedicated account in Wintersville,OH
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If this is the quality of the training that your receiving in anticipation of getting your CDL? Your in for a HUGE let down. Last I checked, the CDL test didn't cover anything along the lines Of make, model, of virus invading your instructor. If this is what you paid $2,500.00 for, you got ripped big time. I believe YoungZ.W. summed it up best when he said
get the hell out of there and fast.
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I've been through Schneider's and Swift's training schools, and while Swift's especially was no great shakes they did actually teach people how to drive a truck, back, get their CDL, etc. Have they even go over the pre-trip yet?
I'd look into getting a refund. if that's not an option, demand they go over things with you until you're comfortable with them.
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