Truck Driving in South Dakota

Road through South Dakota

State Overview

There are over 3,280 trucking companies in South Dakota and the industry employs 20,910 drivers. The highest paid truck drivers earn $47,140 ($22.66 hourly). The highest paying areas are Sioux City with a Median Annual Salary of $40,240, and Sioux Falls ($39,000).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in South Dakota


  • Jobs for bull and cattle hauling are easy to find
  • Reefer drivers can find good paying jobs, no income tax
  • You will find high paying loads going into the state


  • Difficult to find any outgoing freight
  • Snow and ice on the roads make for dangerous driving
  • Cold winter weather

Truck Driving Tips for South Dakota

  • Don’t plan on driving in South Dakota year round.
  • Receive training to get corners correctly, backing up and getting into difficult docks.
  • Go with a company that teaches you all kinds of equipment
  • Make sure you know how to drive on ice and snow
  • Check out MCT Transportation in Sioux Falls. Good company to work for

Fellow Truck Drivers in South Dakota Say:

“Relax, take everything slow”

Michele A. – 35 years on the road

Freedom. Not as many people in your face time allowing you to have your own space.

Lots of idiot drivers cutting you off, especially motorcycle and little cars, who would guess, they have the most to lose!

Get a company to give you specialized training, like jack knifing, getting around corners well, getting into difficult docks, backing, and repeated practice. People will be amazed with your driving then, which means you could do anything anywhere. Also have the company teach you all kinds of equipment side dumps, bottom dumps, and different transmissions, etc…