Truck Driving in South Carolina

South Carolina highway

State Overview

There are over 7,122 trucking companies in South Carolina and the industry employs 42,376 drivers. The highest paid truck drivers earn $48,610 ($23.37 hourly). The highest paying areas are Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill with a Median Annual Salary of $41,710, Spartanburg ($41,250), and Florence ($41,060).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in South Carolina


  • Jobs always available to good safe drivers for local or long distance. A lot of local work due to ports
  • The weather is mild, rarely have to deal with winter weather


  • Studies ranked the state’s drivers among the worst in the USA
  • I-85 is very congested. South Carolina has a high number of rural roads and 2 lane interstate can be dangerous

Truck Driving Tips for South Carolina

  • Make sure you have a good air conditioner and good tires
  • Allow yourself extra time getting to where you are going, always expect traffic
  • Be careful and be prepared for cars to cut you off on 2 lane interstates
  • Be careful to follow DOT regulations, the fees are never worth the risk

Fellow Truck Drivers in South Carolina Say:

“Always jobs available”

Tony T. – 13 years of experience

Their are jobs always available to good safe drivers local or long distance

I have found driving in SC I-85 is very congested and 4 wheeler drivers do not respect space for trucks

Take your time driving allow extra time getting to where you are going and always expect the unexpected


“Dependable weather”

Roy P. – 4 years on the road

The weather is pretty dependable here in SC…rarely have to deal with winter weather

The people driving the small or regular cars are very rude out on the interstates

Good luck and follow the rules of the road and you’ll do fine..Try to have good rapport with your fellow truckers.


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