Truck Driving in West Virginia

West Virginia road cutting through the mountains

State Overview

There are over 5,590 trucking companies in West Virginia and the industry employs 10,940 drivers. The highest paid truck drivers earn $43,430 ($20.88 hourly). The highest paying areas are Washington-Arlington-Alexandria with Median Annual Salary of $42,730, Hagerstown-Martinsburg ($41,170), and Morgantown ($40,860).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in West Virginia


  • There are some quality companies to work for in West Virginia
  • If you don’t mind going OTR, there’s plenty of work
  • West Virginia has some beautiful mountain scenery


  • Everything is moving out of WV, not in. So don’t expect easy home time
  • Difficult driving a lot of the time
  • Mountain roads are tough to navigate

Truck Driving Tips for West Virginia

  • Always expect the unexpected. When you see warning signs, be prepared
  • If you don’t mind going OTR, it’s not bad but if you want home time, it’s hard
  • Night driving can be especially dangerous on mountainous roads
  • Winter conditions can leave the roads slick
  • Local jobs in West Virginia require a lot of mountain driving

Fellow Truck Drivers in West Virginia Say:

“Always expect the unexpected”

William M. – 4 years driving locally

Slow down take your time

Mountains and curves

Just slow down in this state till you get to know the routes you are going to be traveling. Always expect the unexpected talking about the curves being pitched wrong and in other states when you see warning signs for sharp curves it is 10 times worse in the great state of West Virginia.


“Good for OTR drivers”

Rock L. – 3 years on the road

There’s not a lot of options right now for a driver that want to get home regularly to be with their family.

The roads are bad and worse in the winter

If you don’t mind going over the road it’s not bad but if you’re a family man it’s the wrong state to be in because it seems everything is coming into West Virginia not going out. There are a few good companies here and if you get on with one of them don’t become greedy over more money and still expect the home time.