Truck Driving in Rhode Island

Bride above a road in Rhode Island

State Overview

There are over 922 trucking companies in Rhode Island and the industry employs 4,320 drivers. The highest paid truck driver earn $50,780 ($24.41 hourly). The highest paying areas are Norwich-New London with a Median Annual Salary of $44,770, and Providence-Fall River-Warwick ($44,200).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in Rhode Island


  • Plenty of regional work in New England
  • Just a few hours drive from a handful of states
  • The weather is not as extreme as other NE states.


  • Insane toll practices
  • Impossible to find parking. Second worst behind California
  • Difficult to navigate. You’ll need an updated GPS

Truck Driving Tips for Rhode Island

  • The TravelCenters of America off the 5b exit on I-95 has plenty of parking and it’s free.
  • Before driving on any bridges, make sure you’re not breaking any laws.
  • Understand the fatigue that comes with night driving
  • Make sure you have an up-to-date atlas that includes bridge heights
  • If you encounter speeders, don’t panic. Drive safely and slowly to minimize accidents