Truck Driving in Nebraska

Empty Nebraska road with snow

State Overview

There are over 7,810 trucking companies in Nebraska and the industry employs 26,940 drivers. The highest paid truck driver earn $51,030 ($24.54 hourly). The highest paying areas are Northeastern Nebraska non-metropolitan area with a Median Annual Salary of $40,080, Omaha-Council Bluffs ($38,480), and Central Nebraska non-metropolitan area ($37,670).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in Nebraska


  • Good state for agriculture and produce, easy freight to move
  • Road conditions are really good, and there isn’t much traffic
  • Open flat roads, pretty fields all around


  • Nebraska enforcement has gotten more strict in recent years
  • Rest area parking is horrible for trucks
  • Winds and tornadoes in Nebraska can be bad, especially in the winter

Truck Driving Tips for Nebraska

  • Plan a long time ahead to park and get rest
  • Pass as quickly as possible
  • It’s ok to stop when it gets too windy. Think about safety first
  • The Love’s in Sidney has a 24 hour IHOP with plenty of parking and clean facilities
  • An overweight ticket is cheaper than getting a ticket for skipping the scales

Fellow Truck Drivers in Nebraska Say:

“When you’re in a hurry is when mistakes happen”

Pat. C – 31 years driving experience

There is a lot of good freight, good truck stops and usually traffic isn’t really bad.

Rest area parking is horrible for trucks. the winds in NE can be bad, especially in the winter.

Take your time don’t rush yourself, when you get in a hurry is when mistakes happen. Pay attention to your surrounding at all times.


“Pass as quickly as possible!”

Bruce C. – Millions of miles driven

Compared to most other states, road conditions are really good

Parking! Nebraska hates trucks! Plan a long time ahead to park and get rest

Pass as quickly as possible! If you can’t, back off and get away from same speed trucks