Truck Driving in Nevada

Desolate Nevada highway

State Overview

There are over 2,380 trucking companies in Nevada and the industry employs 10,370 drivers. The highest paid truck drivers earn $58,990 ($28.36 hourly). The highest paying areas are Other Nevada non-metropolitan area with a Median Annual Salary of $56,480, Las Vegas-Paradise ($48,750), and Western Central Nevada non-metropolitan area ($48,220).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in Nevada


  • Nevada is a truck friendly state. High quality roads, numerous jobs
  • Lots of open road, usually traffic is not bad
  • 75 mph speed limits, easy to pass, doesn’t usually snow often


  • Slower trucks have a difficult time with the high speed limits
  • Not enough truck stops or good rest areas. Mostly 2 lane highways
  • Reno police set up checkpoints on 395 way north of Reno.

Truck Driving Tips for Nevada

  • Do NOT think that 3 weeks in a school gives you mastery of the road
  • Audio books can be your best friend. It really helps pass the time on long Nevada drives
  • It’s worth it to install a mini fridge in your truck
  • Buy groceries and make your own meals. It will save you money and health
  • Don’t let any dispatcher or driver make you drive less cautiously

Fellow Truck Drivers in Nevada Say:

“Lots of open roads”

Richard H. – 10 years of experience

Lots of open road. Mostly flat grades.

Truck stops are few and far between, but truck traffic is pretty light, so you can usually find a place to park. When Nevada does road construction, they don’t always remove the zipper lines completely. I almost took out another vehicle, because I it was raining, and I started following the wrong zipper line.

Self driving trucks are coming. OTR driving is about to end. Enjoy the road while you can.


“Open roads and 75 mph speed limits”

Eric T. – 5 years behind the wheel and 300,000 miles

Open roads, 75mph speed limits, easy to pass, doesn’t usually snow often, scales are usually closed.

Other drivers that drive irrationally, drunk drivers, chain controls when it snows.

Take it easy don’t hurry don’t get over competent


“Open roads, beautiful scenery”

Neal M. – 40 years driving experience

Open roads, beautiful scenery.

4-wheelers do not know how to merge, Reno police setting up checkpoints on 395 way north of Reno.

You have my sympathy…only kidding! Remember you are the captain of the ship…let no dispatcher or boss make you speed or drive less cautiously.


“A truck friendly state”

Phil B. – 20 years on the road

For the most part, Nevada is a truck friendly state. The quality of the roads and the ability to use all the lanes of the roadway legally.

Because of the higher speed limits compared to back east, midwest etc. The slower trucks to have a more difficult time because they can not keep up.

Pay attention to everything. Do NOT think that 3 weeks in a school gives you the understand of many year, four season drivers.


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