Truck Driving in Montana

Montana road with other vehicles

State Overview

There are over 3,030 trucking companies in Montana and the industry employs 3,210 drivers. The highest paid truck drivers earn $53,480 ($25.71 hourly). The highest paying areas are Eastern Montana non-metropolitan area with a Median Annual Salary of $51,550, Billings ($47,120), and the Central Montana non-metropolitan area ($45,490).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in Montana


  • Low diesel prices and many intermodal jobs within the agriculture and manufacturing sectors
  • Many large, clean truck stops, beautiful scenery, nice people


  • Not much freight coming in or out, a lot of cereal grains to Idaho
  • Major safety concerns: dodging 4 wheelers speeding at 80 mph & deer, driving on hills in Aberdeen and Butte

Truck Driving Tips for Montana

  • Learn to put on chains before you have to
  • Never drive around the closed highway barrier
  • Yellowstone Truck Stop in Livingston is great
  • Never listen to dispatch if it’s telling you to break the law

Fellow Truck Drivers in Montana Say:

“Learn to Put Chains on”

Daniel R. – 14 years driving through Montana

Seeing the state. Meeting the people. Overcoming hardships.

Snow. Ice. Chaining up. Aberdeen hill and the Butte hill. Driving at night. Deer and elk on the road. Cold. COLD .

Hope you’re single with no kids. Work for a company with an excellent reputation and mechanics. Learn to put on chains before you have to. Pack a sleeping bag, extra clothes and gloves. And you are NOT emergency travel no matter what your Dispatch says. Never drive around the closed highway