#BecomeATruckDriver – A Call to Everyone in the Trucking Industry

By: Classadrivers.com


We’ve been reading Twitter and Facebook for news on the trucking industry and we found something shocking and shameful. The hashtag for #BecomeATruckDriver is barely used!

The current shortage of long-haul drivers is a severe crisis not only for trucking but the entire American economy. The American Trucking Association released their Truck Driver Shortage Analysis for 2017 and they estimate that 900000 more drivers are needed to meet current demand.

We call upon everyone in the industry who wants to bring more drivers to the road to use the hashtag #BecomeATruckDriver on Twitter Facebook and Instagram. With one truck for every 12 loads this is a critical problem.

In our analysis below you can see that the hashtags for both #BecomeATruckDriver and #BecomeATrucker were barely used.  The only slight uptick was in 2017 and this was entirely due to promotions from Skyway Trucking Schools and California Trucking Jobs.


Only 3 people used #BecomeATrucker on Twitter in 2017? And only 1 person used #BecomeATruckDriver?! No wonder there’s a shortage!


That’s why we’re here to start the conversation. And we begin by celebrating the popular YouTubers who share their experiences online and help others #BecomeATruckDriver.

Our newest article features the Top 5 Fastest Growing YouTube Channels for New Drivers. These drivers will get you up to speed with all details of this exciting and essential industry.

We’ve also dedicated a new section of our site for people looking to become a truck driver. Our goal is to give the most relevant info about salary and lifestyle to anyone considering this well-paying career.

So talk to us on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #BecomeATruckDriver and let us know why you became a truck driver and why others should get behind the wheel.

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