Top 5 Fastest Growing Youtube Channels for New Truck Drivers

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Stepping into a new career means a lot of new questions that can sometimes be hard to answer. These Youtubers have been growing faster than ever, and it’s because they’re helping potential truck drivers learn what they need about the lifestyle, truck maintenance, and everything in between!

If you are thinking of becoming a truck driver, subscribe to the channels of these truck driver superstars and start learning from the very best. So here’s our list of the top 5 Youtube Channels by number of subscribers for the past 4 months for new and wannabe truck drivers. 

 5. The Little Guy Show

Gained 2,667 New Subscribers

The Little Guy Show

Coming up at number 5 is the Little Guy Show. Although not usually education-based, his videos give plenty of detail on the day-to-day life of truck drivers.

He posts regularly, goes live often, and best of all, he’s actually pretty darn funny (and has great dubstep and EDM soundtracks!).

The Little Guy Show may not go over how to maintain your truck, but he’ll give you a feel for the culture and environment of trucking, which can be just as important.

One of his most popular videos shows how they unload wheat in a dry van trailer, which is actually pretty cool! 


 4. Indiana Jack Trucker

Gained 3,828 New Subscribers

Indiana Jack Trucker

Number four brings Indiana Jack, an experienced OTR truck driver that provides his own unique view of the trucking industry through his Youtube channel.

Instead of videos devoted to tips and tricks, Indiana Jack sets up his camera and shows full trips of his in different conditions.

These videos are long and give realistic views of what a day on the road would look and feel like. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t make videos giving his two cents on a subject!

We love his video on an icy highway in winter, it starts in Owensboro, KY and ends in California and has some pretty sneaky tips to smooth things out with dispatchers and office clerks.



 3. Trucker Brown

Gained 4,028 New Subscribers

Trucker Brown

Trucker Brown holds the spot at number three with his funny videos on some of the ups and downs of the trucking lifestyle.

Similar to the Little Guy Show, Trucker Brown gives regular updates on his life as an OTR trucker, which really provides a feel for the day-to-day experiences in the trucking industry.

He posts regularly with current updates on different companies and truck stops, and even goes live!

His video on secret tips to pass the CDL A test is helpful and interesting! 


2. Junior Honduras

Gained 4,039 New Subscribers

Junior Honduras

Coming in at number two is Junior Honduras. As a former CDL A instructor, Junior Honduras’ videos often cover different tips on tough parts of truck driving, like fixing trailer tandems and backing into tight spaces.

He also interviews his former students and sees how they’ve done in the industry, providing a unique angle that few other Youtubers can match.

He’s informative, interesting, and truly wants to help truck drivers.

He posted a video from the passenger seat watching one of his students practice shifting, and we think it’s really helpful for new drivers!

Check the struggle of the new driver at firing up the truck for the day, a 3 minute clip.



1. Red Viking Trucker

Gained 4,180 New Subscribers

Finally, in the number one spot, sits Red Viking Trucker.

From the start, Red insisted on making as many informative videos on truck driving as possible.

Covering a wide range of topics, no stone goes unturned on this man’s Youtube channel.

He discusses details on driving techniques, gives his opinions on different companies and pay, and even goes into the trucking culture in general and brings truck driver guests with him. We see him as the go-to source for new truck drivers on Youtube.

We love his video on CDL truck driver salary, both for its honesty and clarity. It starts with his advice on how to manage the clock and the recipe to turn miles into dollars and be happy in a very regulated industry like trucking.