How so you manage to sleep in a moving truck?????

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Default How so you manage to sleep in a moving truck?????

Team drivers~
In all seriousness,
How do you manage to SLEEP in a MOVING truck? When I drove, we were constantly being nudged toward "teaming"-- I stayed solo, though, because I couldn't figure out how to wrestle my paranoia down into restfulness when someone else was driving!
For those of you who have found it "doable", HOW DO YOU DO IT? What tips and tricks can you offer about how to relax enough to sleep while someone else is driving????
Is it just that you're flat out EXHAUSTED? Have you gained a deep respect for your co-drivers values? What???
Please share tips, as co-drivers, on how you have been able to get to sleep when it's time to change driver shifts? Please?
P.S., Because I could never get past this! I'm a "control freak", and if I weren't driving, I would be peeking through the curtains to make sure "everything was okay"!
Please share your tips! Thanks!
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