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Default wiring diagrams?

I need a wiring diagram for a kenworth t900 1986 model. My vfd captain left his truck parked by the hay pile and the mice have allmost destroyed the truck. I've already gotten enough air leaks fixed, after opening dash panels and haveing mice run out of dash right next to my arms(my grandson was with me but playing in the creek, otherwise he could have heard me squeal like a girl) and hot wired the injector pump, so I could drive it to my house and begin to fix neccesary problems. First thing was to leave the windows open so neighbor hood feral cats could evacuate the mouse resort. I've tried the dealer even tried to buy, trying to buy online the only thing I've accomplished is to ruin my computer with viruses even though I've done all the things I know of to protect myself from just that. Now afraid to use new computer, they are expensive and also all the things I did to try to salvage my old computer, but this forum seems to be safe, so any help would be appreciated. I've been mechanicing since I was about 10 years old, but most of my expierance and resorces are for automotive not large trucks.
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Default Rats

Rats...they caused problems for many drivers. No idea how they get in tho
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