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Thread: help with fuel problem detroit 60 series 1995

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    Default help with fuel problem detroit 60 series 1995

    I have a detriot 60 series engine that took me 40 seconds to start once i started it I drove it for 15 minutes then I cutt it off and it would crank. I put 2 used fuel pumps on oday and none of them worked. i took the lines off the fuel pump to see if it was pumping and it wasnt. I also changed the fuel filters. what could the problem be why the truck want pump fuel to the engine? could it be the fuel pressure sensor or the fuel temperature sensor? has anyone haad these problems before. plaese help so that I can get the truck on the road the batteries aare charged. thanks

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    Have a look at the supply from the tank, maybe its pulling air. If the pump is good and the filter is full it should pump. Make sure you havent reversed the pipes connected on the pump. Loosen the return line on the back of the head, and see if you get fuel, it shouldnt take to long to bleed trough. If the batteries are good it should fire. If the batteries are a bit weak, it will crank but not fire.

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    Take a look under the cab, someware there is a valve that connects both tanks and the engine, IIRC it has an electric operated selanoid that can restrict or cut off the flow of fuel.
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    This is going to sound really stupid but, check the grounds at the battery. We had one doing nearly the same thing and ended up being one the grounds on the battery was loose not letting the computer get the proper amount of volts to function.


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