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This list is ordered by SEVERITY and numerically.


09--High Evaporator Temp > Unit Shut Down To prevent damage, repair

10--High Discharge Pressure > Unit Shut Down To prevent damage, clear
and restart, if reoccurs repair immediately

12--Sensor Shutdown > Unit Shut Down to prevent damage, repair

17--Engine Failed to crank >Clear Alarm, preform manual start in
continuous mode, repair as required

18--High Engine Water Temp > Check belts and coolant level, correct

19-- Low Engine Oil Pressure >Check oil level, correct, clear alarm,
repair as required

20--Engine Failed to Start > Check fuel level, preform manual start in
(Cycle Sentry) continuous mode, repair as required

23--Cooling Cycle Fault > Unit shut down to prevent damage, repair

24--Heating Cycle Fault > Unit shut down to prevent damage, repair

25--Alternator Check > Press "Amps" to check alternator charging
rate, repair as required

30--Damper Stuck Closed > Damper is Stuck closed, repair

32--Refrigeration Capacity Low >Repair immediately if leak is accessible,
Off load a.s.a.p./ refill freon temporary
until off loaded.

35--Run Relay Circuit > Check emergency switch position if
present, repair as required

36--Electric Motor Failed to run >Check standby source of power, correct

38--Electric Phase Reversed > Standby power phased wrong, correct

44--Fuel System check > check fuel level in fuel tank, add as
required , clear code, prime, restart

47--Remote sensor shutdown > multi-temp zone sensor failed, zone
shut down , monitor temp & repair as

48--Check Belts or Clutch > Drive belts or clutch slipping, repair as

60--Boost Circuit > Unit operating without boost capacitors,
repair as required

62--Ampmeter Out of Cal Range>ampmeter inaccurate, repair as required

63--Engine Stop-Reason Unknown>Check fuel tank level, try manual start,
repair as required

66--Low Engine Oil level >check engine oil level, add as needed

74--Computer reverted to default settings> Unit has reset, control temp
may not be as required, check, repair
before reloading.

75--Computer RAM >computer defective, repair before

76--computer EPROM >computer defective, repair before

77--computer EPROM checksum >computer defective, repair before

78--Data Log EPROM >computer defective, repair before

82--High Compressor Temp shutdown>compressor shutdown to prevent
damage, repair as required

111--Computer not Configured Correctly>computer not configured for this
unit type, repair as required before
114--Multiple Critical Alarms, Can not run> check & note all codes, repair
as required.
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The only problem is you will get 23 ALOT when hauling Ice Cream across the desert in the middle of the summer. When it is 120 outside and you need -20 in the trailer no unit made will get it there and the unit will scream 23 at you all the time. Reset it and move on.
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