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Default DPF Full error

2017 pete 579 paccar MX13
I took truck to shop for a diag. They were messing with emission sensors etc. When I left I had a whole different problem. Possibly a loose connection. First my display , big one for navigation, errors radio etrc.. turned off and back on. Then dpf full started popping up and the stop engine light in dash came on. This is random. 1/2 mile to several miles. Stays on for maybe 30 to 45 seconds and goes out. If I try to stop and regen I cant because clutch or nuetral for 5 seconds causes the error to go away.
So from this I know this is a false error. The dpf regen light does not flash as it should if totally full. The stop engine light would cause count down to shutoff, it does not.
I got tired of stopping so just kept driving. No derate. nothing. It just goes off after a minute or so.
runs great. 8.8 mpg. dpf was just fine when i took it in shop to pull a error code.
Anyone know what they may have disconnected or got loose that would cause this ? Maybe a power connection for emission system.
Video of error popping up and going away
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