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Thread: Werner pay?

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    Default Werner pay?

    I've been reading on here about how low Werners pay is, .28-.29, but when you check out their web site it says students start out at .35 per mile. Why the difference?

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    I do know that Werner's ads are very misleading.

    Many of them say 35 cpm or something but that is what you mileage pay would equal assuming you got the bonuses and an average amount of unloading pay, etc.
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    That pay includes all bonuses (That you will never see) and such. Most students start out at .29cpm on average.

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    The bonus part is correct, but they start out at .26 a mile unless you take the Per Diem, then it drops to .25 a mile.

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    Default gl


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    Default Re: stay away from werner

    Quote Originally Posted by syl77dar
    werner lies! i just quit there last week they promise things and don't back it up at all. i was only getting 700 miles a week. and most people who go to werner end up back in their old jobs or with a better company. right now werner needs to get it's act together, the paperless logs stink! 90% of their drivers are getting log violations due to the logs not working, paperless logs involve your QualComm, so unless you already love that QC and who does? you better forget Werner. let me give you an example of a recovered truck QualComm did not work and when I told them that QC was not working because clock on it kept going from CST to EST when it should have stayed on CST it gave me a violation of 30 minutes due to their screwed up system of 30 minutes! When I tried to talk to logs I was yelled at without them even listening to me! I was on hold for over an hour and then screamed at, I don't get paid enough for noone to treat me like that! Even their trainers are having logging violations! So run fast and don't look back at Werner! I know at least 3-5 people quit weekly cuz Werner is so bad and if you can live on $0 paychecks go to work for them!

    You know 3 to 5 people quit there weekly ? If that's all then they sure have a low turnover rate . Try at least 3 to 5 drivers that quit hourly . I dunno why anyone would subject themsleves to that kind of garbage on a daily basis .


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