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Default What do Drivers want

Hows it going, I have been having alot of trouble finding Truck Drivers. I seem to be asking competitive pay ( I think) but I feel as if I am missing a big picture to try to hire good responsible drivers. Please let me know what you want in a trucking company and hopefully I can change my approach for the better going forward.

Thank you
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Old 11-08-2019, 06:51 PM
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I am almost a graduate and still can not decide on the choice of profession. Dad wants me to become a doctor, but I hate the biology and smell of the hospital. Therefore, this profession is contraindicated for me. Recently I got an idea to become a truck driver or something related to , I'm interested. But ... I thought whether there would be any sense from my profession so that I would be glad. Then I realized that I wanted to help people so that it was really visible. I watch programs that show homeless people or children of alcoholics and much more, and every time I catch myself thinking that I want to help them. Please tell me what kind of profession you can choose to fulfill my desires, that it is well-paid and that one could get a higher education.
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