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Lightbulb iPhone App Idea


Sorry if this is not the place to ask, but am unsure where else to ask.

I work with an app development company and was looking for some opinions. We are interested in creating an iOS app that allows a dispatcher to schedule messages to truckers that will send automatically at any selected time. We also would like to add the ability to add groups, so the dispatcher could just select a group of people they would like to send a message to, or any individual.

The way it works through iPhone is that we would need to store the text on our servers and send them from our servers, this means we would have to charge for messages since it will cost us to send them. It would probably be something like .99cents for 25-30 messages.

My question is, is this plasuable? I am not exactly familiar with the trucking industry, but does this sound like an app that would be useful for truckers/dispatchers? Any response/advise would be great.

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Old 07-04-2020, 08:18 PM
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Ihone app, eh????

Ya know, I never bought an iphone or ipad because they're "MADE IN CHINA".

If Apple is going to keep manufacturing in China, supporting the Chinese labor force,

and expect Americans to pay premium prices for the products, then they are LEACHES on the American economy.

After decades of GARBAGE coming out on China, they finally came up with something that is TOP QUALITY.

And if you don't believe me about the quality, think about it... It stopped the WHOLE WORLD in it's tracks...

And nobody wants it.

We may be at a milestone of the evolution of mankind. This virus is not giving up without a serious fight.

It may never fade or go away, and it's not another strain of the flu. There are people that have survived

the sickness and now need kidney and liver transplants. I don't believe it will stop or fade until every person

on earth has had the chance to be infected. Those that are suseptable will not go on. Those that are resistant

will inherit the earth,.
( R E T I R E D , and glad of it)
YES ! ! ! There is life after trucking.
a GOOD life

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If you run a commercial company, you need to think about creating a website and finding professional employees. But many business leaders don't see the needs of their customers. This is because they are not keeping up with the times and are not engaged in staff training and business development, which is very important. Today's technology is opening up new opportunities for any company For example, new machine learning technologies will improve your company's ranking, help avoid financial losses, and can put your company in the lead.

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