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Question Add a company driver or let someone lease under our authority

About a year ago my husband started our company with him being our sole driver, we are now buried with load request. We know some drivers who want to run under our authority but we don't know where to look for how to do that... we also know a few drivers who could come drive for us but we are not sure what the cost of adding a company driver would be let alone the cost of buying another truck and trailer. Any input on where to look on how to add someone to your authority? they have their own equipment but that is it.. or is it better to jump in and just hire a driver? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 05-06-2017, 02:35 AM
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I have had guys leased onto me under my authority before and guys doing a "master trip lease" who runs under their own authority but are leased on to me.

leased on under my authority

1-use their truck
2-my authority and company name on their truck
3-I have to keep a copy of their logs
4-I have to keep them enrolled in a random drug testing consortium
5-they keep a copy of lease agreement in their cab
6-they are covered on my insurance,which I deduct a monthly payment for
7-they supply their own tags,thats the way they wanted it,fine by me
8-I got 25% plus 150 a week trailer rental , plus maintance by me
9-i supply a fuel card for cash price at the pump at no charge
10-I supply comchecks for lumpers or repairs for their truck if needed
11-I held them back one week on the pay,what you do this week,you get direct deposited next week,minus fuel and/or insurance and trailer
12-paper logs
13-non forced dispatch
14-40% advance on work completed if needed
15- they are responsible for their truck repairs and maintenance
16-they get all fuel surcharges on rate sheet

trip leased to me under their authority

1-they use their own authority
2-they use their own tags and insurance
3-I supply same fuel card
4-I supply trailer if needed,150 a week plus maintance by me
5-they do their own logs
6-they do their own drug testing consortium
7-same pay period rules,work this week,get it next week
8-40% advance on work done if needed
9-I get 15% plus trailer
10-I supply com checks like above
11-they are responsible for their repairs and maintenance on their truck
12-they get all fuel surcharges noted on rate sheets

I never hired a company driver,I prefer to lease guys on,and 99% of them have bad credit,low experience, etc and just want a chance to make money

so,you can judge for yourself about the 2 ways to lease someone on,maybe someone will come along with the company driver info
if interested in leasing someone on,contact OOIDA,they will email you out all necessary paperwork for free,you just have to edit it to reflect your company name

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Old 09-08-2020, 10:04 PM
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Thanks for your detailed explanations about it, i have been looking for it so much, i just starting my trucking company few weeks ago and i was confused about make leased on under my authority or their authority because i wasnít know the difference between it and you help me a lot with your explanation and iíll choose to leased on under my authority. I also looking for a insurance company for my trucks, iím not really good with choosing the right company because i had a horrible accident on my upgraded Toyota and my old insurance company didn't pay me for the add-on parts and i had to fix it on my own. After that i cancelled my insurance with them and had to find another company with good reputation, my friend has experience working with insurance companies recommend me to call insurance agency Lowell he said he insured his 3 cars with them and they were really nice and paying easily and cover absolutely all your expenses but i donít know yet if they insure trucks.
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