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Old 02-05-2008, 04:02 AM
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Default Extended warrenty or not ?

2003 Kenworth T-600
475 hp Cummins ISX
13 speed, 3:58 ratio

Was okd on my truck loan today. Now i need to decide if i want or need the extended warrenty,all internaly lubricated parts, engine, tran, diffs, covered for 200,000 or 2 yrs $3,000 and injectors and turbo $750.00 for 200,000 miles or 2yrs, total $3,750.00

The truck drives and feels like a new truck but it still has 807,000 miles on it and i can find no major work done on it in its records and im sure the previous owner, Giltners, Took very good care of it!

So damn what should i do?
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Old 02-05-2008, 12:30 PM
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Default Extended Warrenty

What's the track record of the company offering the "extended warrenty"? I'm guessing it's not the dealer. BOL
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With that many miles you are more likely to have to do an overhaul at any time. There are usually exclusions to these warranties, such as normal wear and tear. I would be tempted to buy the extended warranty because of the miles, but would read the contract VERY carefully.
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Old 02-06-2008, 12:37 AM
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When I bought my 2003 KW W900L, I checked around for a warranty that would cover a truck with 775,00 miles on it, 390 gear, 13 speed trans.

I went with National Truck Protection out of NJ. Total cost was $4100.00. This covers my engine for 2 years, 200,000 (Nothing electrical), but does cover the injectors and turbo for the 1st year. In this it also included the trans and both rear axles for 1 year or 100,000 miles.

After the first year on the engine it does not cover the injectors or turbo. I checked around and even spoke to the CAT People, and they told me they would be around $4600.00 and not cover the turbo, trans, or rear axles. Super nice people at the CAT Place, I faxed him a copy of the info the NTP sent me, and he called me and told me he would go with them.

I did, had trans problem 2 weeks after buying the truck and NTP came through as promised.

They do have a mileage limit 800,000, I think this is correct, and year limit, not sure what that is. I have been very happy with what they did for me.

I wanted a some help in case my truck did break down the first year, and total cost for the trans repair came to $2300.00, so it had already paid for half of the cost.

You do have to take it to one of their approved places for an inspection, and pay for this yourself. I went ot Stowers CAT Dealership in Knoxville TN. NTP sets the amount up what it will be according to what you are getting covered.

Mine was $515.00 if I remember correctly. Extra cost due to fact of checking the trans and rear axles. They did not do an oil sample test, though I had one done. They do put the engine on the dyno and check it out.

I was surprised at how easy the inspection was.

If something is wrong, you have to have it fixed before they will put a warranty on it. Nothing was wrong with mine.

Website is:

Not trying to sell or endorse this, just giving you info on what I got for a truck with quite a few miles on it.
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