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    Any one out there know if there is a quickbooks for truckers or maybe a software comparable. Maybe something worth the money. Just running a single truck operation under my own authority here in colorado. I run for just two or three companies and if I am desperate a broker. Any help on an appropriate software would be great.

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    I don't believe QuickBooks offers anything specific to trucking. There are several software packages which are specifically designed for the trucking business. Trucknpro (, Easy Trucking, Truckers Helper (, Hammerlane, Loadledger ( are some of the most popular. You can buy most any of them for around $200 or so. Most have an online demo. Some you can download it and try before purchasing. I don't recall the other website addresses. You should be able to do a Internet search and find them. You can operate most of your business with a spreadsheet if you are familiar with them. Software that is already set up for you is much easier to get started quickly.

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    I use QB

    I like it.... getting familar with is fun

    My CPA uses QB and has a few of his staff that are experts with QB and the are happy to help

    Ask your CPA what they use

    Sam's is about the Cheapest or the internet

    I also use loadleger mainly for fuel tax and trip reports
    there is alot of trucking software out there you just have to download the demo's and see what you like


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