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Default Background checks and other questions about the trucking industry.

I have only had my CDL since February 25th, 2013. I am a retired construction worker and decided I needed a new career. I now know I put the cart before the horse once I got my CDL. I went to the Dakotas and this is where my problems began. I would like information from some of you truckers out there on how I should proceed from now on.
The 1st job I received was with a big company. I went through the orientation but did not pass their Drug Test. Their test was stricter than the DOT requirements. I passed the DOT with flying colors. Therefore I was let go immediately. I now could pass any kind of test (urine and/or hair).
The 2nd job I got was through another big company. I was almost at my 90 days on the job and had a small mishap (backed up truck and touched a pick-up - I did have a person helping back up, but apparently did not hear him - no damage was done). There again I was immediately let go.
The 3rd job I went to was with a small owner operator. I worked for him for 7 months. He was a hot head, but I stuck it out with him. His trucks were constantly breaking down. With that said, he told me he was just going to sell everything and just go it alone. I went home for my weeks vacation and did not know if I would have a job when I got back. Well when I received my paycheck it included the week that I had just worked. He has not answered my phone calls and I just received my paystubs and it said "Final Check".
I really enjoy being a truck driver. I hauled water to well sites. I have learned so much in the past 6 months and feel I am a very qualified driver. Some of the roads that I drove on in the blowing wind and snow and colder than ever were no better than goat trails.
My problem now is applying for new truck driving jobs in the oil fields. Do I inform them on the applications about the 1st two jobs? Also, most of the companies do a background check. I ordered my DAC report and haven't received it yet, but I am not sure what consists in a background check with these companies? Do any of you know who the background check companies are that these companies use?
Do you think their will ever be a possibility of working for a legitimate company again?
Any help from you would be greatly appreaciated.
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I'd say most companies are focusing on criminal history with the background check. If they pull a DAC, that's just trucking companies for whom you've worked. I know not what background check companies are used.
It's possible, but I'm not sure how probable. If nothing else, be honest.
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yep even here be honest or your past catches up. you have good work record the company grab you be for others do.sounds like a shortage of drivers most countries
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If you tell the truth you may or may not get the job, if you lie and they find out you WILL lose that job!
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Find out what is on your DAC, if anything.
The first company, you never made it past the pre-employment. You didn't drive a mile, or receive a paycheck, right?
That one is the most damaging, but if no record of it, I would treat that one, like a mulligan… and burn the evidence.

The 2nd, you own up to. It is one thing a driver has to know, you take full responsibility, regardless if you have someone helping you. No excuses.
I've had my rubs and scrapes as a company driver, and I know the tendency to want to find an excuse for why it happened.
apparently, the guy helping you back up that day, had a beef with the guy who owned the pick up.

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Default DOT background checks

Motor vehicle background checks will include violations, suspensions, accidents, convictions, and any disciplinary actions. Commercial drivers license checks will include present jurisdictional state and driver’s license number, name, DOB, social security number match, up to three previously held CDL numbers, and AKA information.
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