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Default Things went bad!

Im not sure if this is where it needs to be posted but couldnt think of anywhere better! (feel free to move if needed). (Not that anyone really cares) Well my stint as a agent is over and has been for a while. I found out in Feb. that the broker I was working for wasnt paying the drivers that were pulling loads for us. I know no one here got side swiped with this as I never solicited drivers from here. It is for the best though Too much driver in me to do that work. I couldnt stand to push 1.50-1.60 freight any longer. Constantly having the broker telling me "I'm giving too much up, we need more money for us" or "theyll be happy with a buck a mile for that". Well to all you owner ops and fleet owners watch out for DOCMASTER transport out of Chardon Oh. They will pay after you file on there bond!

But on the up side im back to lookin for a Job. Savings is dwindling and time to get back on the road with a good company. Like to be home weekends if not more! Dont care Reefer, Skateboard, Tanks whatever! Just wanna get back to what I know. Anyone with any thoughts on a decent company would be appreciated. thanks and have a good day
A job with a poor company and a little income is better than no job at all.
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