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Old 10-12-2007, 01:50 PM
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Default Lowest Standards......

So i see very frequent questions on driving history and dui's and reckless driving and stuff, people wanting to know what chances they have so i ask this question that might get some helpful answers out there to people on one thread....... In fact or opinion what companies out there,big or small have lower standards and a history for giving people with troublesome driving records a chance. I am just curious to see what names might pop up as being more lenient and letting people have a second chance at a career since a one time screww up with a reckless or DUI can pretty much steal a career away for 3-5 years with most companies.
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Carolina Cargo is the most lenient of any trucking company
they are the only company I know that will take two rookies right out of school and put them in a truck and point them from sc to california.
Now thats what I call flying by the seat of your pants.
and they give ex cons who want a new life in truckdriving a second chance.
I was with them for 9 months and im going back tommorow because I miss the westcoast,the deserts,and the tax break you get working with them.
anyone out there wants more info can send me email at [email protected].
I can tell you all the details.
but you have to live within 200 miles of rock hill sc to be within distance of their terminal there.
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Default Carolina Cargo

"I miss the ... tax break." Could you be speaking of per diem? Not necessarily the best thing for all drivers. BOL
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