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Old 02-16-2007, 01:26 AM
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As for wanting to transfer to NC in awhile I know at swift that isn't a problem. You can move where you want, and take your home time wherever you want. I mainly live in GA but im out of Columbus Term. But take my home time as far west as Sacramento CA, to see my daughter. But my main setup is 2 weeks I go home in GA, 2 weeks later I take home time in Ohio at my friends. Then about every 2 months I take home time in CA.

Also Swift has PTDI schools, I know the millington TN is. I know im not real sure what the REAL difference is besides paying to be certified or whatever. But I am PTDI certified through swift. So I can go to whoever wanted that certification.

Also as said before you can leave whenever you want. You are really not locked into anything if you don't want to be. Just have to pay what is owed either through working with them for a set period of time. Or paying what is owed for getting your CDL. I am glad I started with Swift it gave me a good start. I don't make great money but I do get .34 CPM which isn't bad either.

And miles are starting to pick up again. It is just a slow time, but will get better very soon.
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Old 02-16-2007, 01:31 AM
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Originally Posted by #1broncofan
Do companies look at swift schooling the same as they would an AIT or PTDI certified school. Like if I went to swift just for the school then left after the six weeks with a trainer. Would I be able to get hired as if I just went to AIT?
Why would you want to go to school, then go out for 6 weeks with a trainer then quit. To just go to another company and spend another 6 weeks with another trainer that is 12 weeks of training pay.... I hope you have alot saved because your training weeks you don't make great money. :wink:
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Old 02-16-2007, 01:53 AM
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#1broncofan.....If you finance school yourself, you more than likely could find a Carrier that will remburse you some or all of your cost's, IF you stay with them a set amount of time, and do a good job. :!: :!: :!:
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i went to that swift school.jim got the current info. i didnt know what swift was. thought it was a scam when i drove up to lewiston but i needed a job and i never looked back.
kept it on the road at all costs and ran my tail off under the previous log book rules.
rarely unloaded any freight and if their trucks werent so slow i probably would be a 400 lb dead swift they are passing me all the time. maybe you should just get er done
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