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Thread: Getting paid while going to school?

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    Default Getting paid while going to school?

    C-1 Truck Driver Training claims that with certain company sponsored training you will be paid while going to school. Has anyone had any experience with this school and has anyone ever been paid by a company to go through school? Here's what it states on their website.

    Through our partnership with Driver Solutions Network, we are able to offer company-sponsored CDL training which requires no upfront tuition costs and gets your career started with a great driving position. Because a trucking company is covering your upfront tuition costs, there won’t even be a check of your credit history. Under this program, a trucking company agrees to cover your upfront tuition costs in exchange for you driving for them. Driver Solutions has a number of entry level driving opportunities; there’s sure to be a fit for you. A Driver Solutions representative will handle all the details and obtain a pre-hire job offer with the right company before you begin the training. This unique program provides a complete CDL training experience and ensures you meet all DOT qualifications. You’ll even be paid during training. In about 3 weeks, you’ll be ready for your new career as a professional truck driver. Drivers from the company-sponsored training program can earn up to $40,000 for their first year.

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    I have been told by different co. that they will give me $150 a week for food but no real money.
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    Default Paid "Training"

    "You’ll even be paid during training." The only company I know of that pays students earning their CDL is Schneider after the first two classroom/range weeks. I fear what C-1 is talking about is the OTR externship training with a company when a newb is paid a flat rate per week until upgrading to solo/first seat status. If you have a choice other than C-1 you may want to exercise it. BOL

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    When they say "paid during training" they're talking AFTER cdl school...although I was paid during school in '92

    North Alabama Skills Center thru the AL Employment service.

    320 hour CDL school. 8 students per class. 2 instructors and 2 trucks.

    We got $40 per week paid thru the state.

    I then got hired by Builders Transport and was paid $200 per week while with trainer (4? weeks)

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    I went to C1 5 years ago and your not paid during the schooling, you get it after the training. But beware they were not very good I would not recommend them. 70 students started in my class and all of 35 made it through the end for various reasons.


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