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Default owner opp boyfriend having hard few days...

my boyfriend has only been an owner opp for about a month. He started with a company that did not have any jobs for him, now he's with Empire Trucking and he says he's spending more money on fuel than he is on the miles and loads hes doing. So now he's thinking about staying for two more months and then finding other employment. I have been trying to give him some words of encouragement but it doesnt seem to be working. He did pretty well for his first two weeks with empire, but last week he spent all of his check on fuel and only received a few hundred dollars and he was out for four days. And this week he's been out since sunday and wont be back until tomorrow on thursday but he is having an issue with his drive time. He's gps is telling him he still has hours but the dispatcher is telling him he's out of drive time for the week. So now he's in oklahoma waiting it out until his drive time comes back in order for him to finish taking the load and come home.

any advice on Empire trucking or any advice on encouraging words and things i can do for him?
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